LOIS LANE And JOKER’S DAUGHTER Getting One-Shot Adventures This February


bannerSince the launch of the New 52 we’ve seen ongoing series and even a couple of mini-series, but DC are going to do something different next year. It was announced today that both Lois Lane and Joker’s Daughter would be getting their own one-shot stories this coming February. Marguerite Bennett (writer of the recent Lobo Villains Month issue) will be tackling both characters in 48-page stories. The solicit information and a few words from Ms. Bennett were released by Comic Vine.

Lois is one of DC‘s most iconic female characters and Joker’s Daughter is a relatively new creation, so it’s a bit odd that both are getting the one-shot treatment. Bennett tries to explain some similarities and differences between the two characters:

Lois’s tale is an adventure story—a sci-fi noir, if you will. Lois Lane is the first lady (queen? khaleesi?) of DC Comics, and I was in fits to offer up a story worthy of her. There’s an elegance to the structure and a poignance to the plot that I hope won’t strike a nerve so much as twist it, and leave our readers avid for more.

Joker’s Daughter, however, is cruel, crazy horror—a spiraling descent in the footsteps of her one true father, drenched with the poison of her own toxic psyche.

Both stories, however, are deeply rooted in family—in the tenderness, bitterness, rage, love, and grief that family brings. I cannot, in good conscience, find much to unite a character as eminent as Lois or as degraded as Joker’s Daughter, beyond that queens have families, and monsters do, too.

While Bennett admits the similarities are a bit of a stretch, she does have some ideas about what she wants to explore in the special issues. Lois‘ story really is about family, but Joker’s Daughter is more about a broken person:

I absolutely want to uncoil these roots for Lois, show the deep and vibrant relationships she maintains beyond Superman. I want her friends and her family. The story I hope to tell is one prominently about two women and their relationship—the love, bitterness, loyalty, ambition, and regret that comes from living in two worlds. I mayn’t say such else right now, but I really and truly hope you’ll enjoy her story.

I would say that Joker’s Daughter is…fragile. She’s a survivor, and the knowledge that she can survive through cruelty and through desperation frightens her. It means that the trials of the world that might kill another person (but allow that person a good, clean death) will not offer the same to her. She’ll endure, and become the more corrupt for enduring. She’s a broken creature, and broken things have horribly sharp edges.

You can read the full interview with the writer by clicking here.I know many fans, male and female, are excited to hear that Lois is getting her own special story. Fans have been asking for that for some time, and they finally get a morsel to help ease their insatiable hunger for a while. Joker’s Daughter is a pretty odd choice though. Her Villains Month issue was a hot item, selling for upwards of $100 dollars on Ebay, but the story between the 3D cover was universally panned. Maybe DC want to give the character another shot outside of the Catwoman series. You can check out the solicits and cover below. What do you think about the one-shot announcements?




Art by Emanuela Lupacchino


One-shot • On sale FEBRUARY 26 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

Lois Lane is known for chasing down stories — but what happens when the story is her family? As her father gains more power in the government, Lois’s sister Lucy has become involved with a deadly drug scene! Meanwhile, Lois thought she was rid of the influence of Brainiac, but now she finds that the the computer tyrant of Colu is calling out to her again!







One-shot • On sale FEBRUARY 5 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T

Who is The Joker’s Daughter? What horrors lurk in the mind of this deranged lunatic, and why is there more to her than meets the eye? More than just a crazy person who stumbled upon The Joker’s face, more than just a woman with a mission, The Joker’s Daughter sees herself as a woman on the path of greed, dominance and lordship over the Gotham Underground. This special issue tells a sordid tale in the life of one of DC’s most popular new villains!



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Source : Comic Vine