Lobo’s Co-Creator Weighs In One The Main Man’s New Look


lobo bannerAs you know by now, the Batfleck outrage has calmed down but DC still has one tire fire burning. The Lobo redesign and the back and forth on whether or not the Scourge o’ the Cosmos will be a tiny, male model looking  dude or the big, hulking figure we all know and fear is still garnering a lot of hate online.  If you missed our rundown of the outrage the other day, you can click here to catch up. A lot of people were wondering what Lobo‘s creators would think about the sleeker new look. Well the artist that helped create the Main Man has finally weighed in.

loboNewsarama asked Keith Giffen what he thought of the recently posted Lobo art. Turns out he isn’t as mad as a lot of people were hoping. He prefaces his thoughts by explaining once again what Lobo was created to do:

I’ve seen the new Lobo, but you have to understand that Lobo is a character that, last year, I swore off of. I don’t own him. And he was created for a specific purpose. It was back when, like, supposed heroes were out there shooting people and doing villainous stuff and claiming to be heroes. I thought I’d come up with a character that made fun of it. And he caught on. Lobo was created to be an indictment of the very genre that he became a poster boy for. That backfired on me viciously! I thought Lobo would be one mini-series and then, ‘The End.’ I thought he was that reprehensible.

Since Lobo was created to make fun of the dark and gritty anti-heroes of the mid to late 1980s, he became a product and poster boy of his time. Giffen was asked if he thought this new Lobo art was a result of the current times and the trends of today’s pop culture:

Yeah, I would say so. I would think it’s tied into more of today’s pop culture, even though I’m not 100 percent sure what that means [laughs]. I saw the drawing and I just thought, the thing that ran through my head was, of course.

So Giffen is cool with the redesign and think it keeps in line with the character’s original purpose. To calm the outraged fans, Giffen assures them that his stories still exist. Nobody “traveled through time” to destroy them. He went on to wish the new team taking on this much discussed Lobo the best of luck. You can read the rest of Giffen‘s comments by clicking here.

To complicate the whole redesign brouhaha even further, Comic Book Resources have pointed out a page of art that Lobo‘s Villains Month writer Marguerite Bennett may have been talking about in her Twitter defense. An inked but uncolored page of preview art had been posted by DC a while back but nobody paid much attention to it. It’s hard to tell whether or not that really is Lobo, but the man in the final panel could well be the Czarnian bounty hunter. It certainly looks to be in line with what Bennett said on Twitter. What do you think? Does Giffen, the consummate professional, put your mind at ease? Does the possible Lobo look below sit better with you?



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