Legendary X-Men Writer Chris Claremont Enters Marvel NOW! With A ‘BAMF!’


Chris Claremont wrote the X-Men longer than any other writer and he’s still under contract, but he hasn’t been seen much in the X-offices the past several years. The writer is famously under an exclusive writer contract with Marvel and they pay him for not writing anywhere else, but they haven’t had him do much in a few years. He made a triumphant return a few months ago with a story in X-Men: Gold, the anniversary issue that features stories from many of the X-Men’s most iconic writers and artists. Well it seems that story was a warmup and Claremont has an actual, honest-to-goodness new comic coming out.

Marvel released one of their infamous one word teasers today with the word “Bamf!” and the creative team of Claremont and Todd Nauck. Now there are a few possibilities on what this could be, but the most likely is Nightcrawler. With his recent reappearance in Jason Aaron‘s Amazing X-Men, it’s not crazy to think the blue mutant would come back to the world of the living and hold down his own series. The other two options would be a Azazel, who also popped back up recently, or those little Bamfs from Wolverine and the X-Men. Those two options seem unlikely though. We’ll be hearing more on this series soon, but my money is on a Nightcrawler miniseries or monthly. What do you think about Claremont coming back and writing Kurt Wagner again?


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Source : MARVEL