What We Learned From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer With Over 30 Screenshots


The first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung onto the web early this morning. We’ve all got the chance to watch it many, many times now but there are still a few things worth pointing out. We’ve complied over 30 screenshots from the first trailer of the Marc Webb directed sequel so we can talk about a few things we find particularly interesting. You can check out the trailer by clicking right here to see even more stuff we didn’t screenshot to death. As an added bonus, at the very bottom of the page, there are a few images and a casting update from the official Spider-Man website. Now that that stuff is out of the way, read on for the trailer dissection.


The first shot in the trailer shows Spider-Man in free fall. It’s a nice bit of Spidey action and we get to see that amazingly awesome costume up close and personal. No matter how this film turns out, you have to say they have the best costume we’ve seen on film.


Spidey is strong. They did a decent job showing off his abilities in the first film, but it looks like the sequel will take it to an entirely different level. This is just the first hint we get at that. There’s also a WHOLE lot of product placement. Look to the left of the cop, there’s even a Disney logo. I won’t even point out the fact there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts sign beside the cop….wait a second.



Peter Parker visits a grave. I’d say it’s Uncle Ben, but it could be Captain Stacy or even someone who doesn’t kick the bucket until the second film. We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully we do get some closure on Uncle Ben’s death though. That was a glaring problem with the first film.



Paul Giamatti’s face can barely be seen inside the Rhino tank. It does look like he will be able to stand on two legs. The four-legged Rhino on the movie banner was something fans really took issue with. It appears Rhino may be up on two-legs and then do a charge attack on all four. We only get a brief hint in the trailer, but I’m going to put my money on the charge attack for now. It makes sense at least.



The film’s main villain with be the Green Gobli…what? You mean it’s Electro? Well Goblin is going to get a lot of screen time in the trailer. If you need even MORE confirmation that it was Dane DeHaan who would be hoping on the glider, then you get it all throughout this trailer. Here’s his face with some crazy, messed-up eyes. Seems the transformation was successful.



After stealing Matt Damon’s suit from Elysium, The Goblin starts terrorizing our hero. This seems to be in an OsCorp lab somewhere after the transformation has been completed. Later in the trailer we’ll see that even DeHaan’s hair color has changed in the process.



There’s a shot of OsCorp. Marc Webb has said that the company is the ‘evil empire’ of his four films, so they’re going to be churning out a lot of villains for Spider-Man to face. There’s a lot more going on with the place than being a villain factory though. The conspiracy runs deep with this one.



Hey! Follos The Daily Bugle on Tumblr. The site has had a few amazing articles in the run-up to the trailer, and it seems they want to make sure you check the site out. Whether this is just a little cross promotion for the trailer or there are actual ads painted on the sides of buildings for Tumblr sites remains to be seen.



Bullet time! Spidey must have just completed a Matrix marathon. Spider-senses can do wonders!



There’s Paul Giamatti. This is before he gets the Rhino tank. From set photos we saw earlier this year, Spidey is going to embarrass him pretty bad. This is definitely a motivating factor in why he’s so dead set at getting back at our hero. If only he was a better shot.



There’s Dane DeHaan. I know he’s supposed to be Harry Osborn, former best friend of Peter Parker, but he gives off a very ominous and villainy vibe the entire time he’s onscreen. I don’t think his transformation will be too surprising, even if we hadn’t seen it in the trailer and marketing material beforehand.



Harry lets Peter know OsCorp has him and his family under surveillance. The company is already interested in the son of Richard Parker, but do they know his secret? It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Peter’s break-in at OsCorp in the first movie wasn’t very secretive. I’m sure they had cameras outside of the lab with the spiders too. Whether or not they know of his powers or just want to know what Richard may have told him doesn’t really matter. We know they’re not looking at him because they want to offer him a job.



Peter seems to be connecting the dots as to his parents’ deaths. He seems to have a conspiracy board up in his room, complete with yarn connecting people, places, and things together. He needs answers and Aunt May is the only one that can give him what he’s looking for.



Secrets have a price and so does the truth. Aunt May has tried to protect Peter, but he’s digging for answers about his past. What does she know? Can she point him in the right direction? Will she ask Peter to run to the store for her yet again?



What does this button do? Peter has found a secret lair. It’s not for one of his numerous villains though. This one hits a little closer to home.



Richard Parker has an underground lab. There were a lot of hints about his work in the trailers for the first film, which were ultimately abandoned in the actual film. Could Webb be picking back up on those threads, or is this something else entirely. Peter is looking for answers, but he may have just found an entirely different set of questions.



Superman had a fully functional computer dad, but Spider-Man is stuck with a few tutorial videos. Richard knows a lot of OsCorp secrets, I hope he was able to give his son a few hints as to what he’s up against. What was he really researching anyway?



Well, well, well what do we have here? Those are wings and arms. Vulture and Doc Ock? OsCorp is making villains, so it’s not a big jump to think these could be two of their next projects. Someone check the employee records. Do they have a Dr. Otto Octavius on staff?



Harry seems to have stumbled on one of OsCrop’s dirty little secrets. He looks a little banged up too. Could this be the scene that motivates him to become the Goblin after a little spat with his father? We don’t know, but we can probably guess that something big is about to happen.



Eels. There’s the source of Electro’s powers. We know Max Dillon will take a swim with the fishes, but there seems to be a few other secrets contained within that lab.



In the set pictures from this summer we saw Giamatti and his fellow malcontents trying to get away with a vial of this stuff. What sort of serum is it? This could well be tied in to Dr. Connors research. We know the Lizard has already had his day, but there could be other animals associated with that orange substance. Hobgoblin is orange as well. I’m just thinking out loud.



Dr. Manhattan is alive! No, that’s Electro. Shortly after his accident we get to see the true nature of Max Dillon’s new powers. He is the living embodiment of electricity and he’s going to make everyone pay for what they’ve done to him.



There’s the Goblin again. He’s on his glider and just outside the window of OsCorp. Harry may be taking to the skies test his new toys out. He’s not the main bad guy in the film, but he sure is the star of the trailer.



Hey, there’s Norman. We know he’s sick. He has one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. He’s getting skipped over when it comes to the Green Goblin, but does he even make it out of this film alive? He seems to be laying in bed dispensing advice and conducting things from the shadows.



That’s just a beautiful shot. Look at the color composition for that shot. Spidey is bringing a sewer lid to a Rhino fight, but I’m liking our hero’s chances.



Hey, Electro is the main villain so it’s important they show him in costume at some point in the trailer. It is a beautiful shot though. Foxx may steal the show when the movie rolls around, but he’s playing third fiddle in the trailer. He does look really great all electrified though.



Electro takes flight in Time Square. Are they broadcasting the fight on the big screen? That seems like an odd thing to do unless the villain took over the system. He has the powers to do that I would guess.



Dance! Dance for Electro! The villain is making people scurry in fear. He’s lighting Time Square up and it isn’t even for the New Year celebrations. Hopefully someone puts a stop to him before he causes too much damage.



There’s Harry again. This seems to be during his transformation to the best friend of Peter Parker to the biggest and deadliest threat Spider-Man has ever face.



That shot in the trailer doesn’t bode well for Gwen. We know what happens to the characters in the comics, and all signs point to her movie counterpart sharing the same fate. Emma Stone is even wearing similar clothes as the comic book character did on the day of her demise.

And in the comics we know it was Peter throwing a web at Gwen that broke her neck and cause her death. There’s no SNAP in the trailer, but I wouldn’t blame you if you thought you heard one.



That is Shailene Woodley. They said they cut her from the film, but did they really? Then again, this could just be a shot they used to show a little more action. If she is in it though, expect a much smaller part for her than what she originally signed up for.



Here’s Electro. Just in case you forgot about him. He looks lovely, shame he didn’t get a few more shots to show himself and his powers off. Maybe Electro should be attacking Harry for stealing the spotlight.



And here’s Electro going up against Spider-Man. They seem to be in Electro’s lair. He does seem to have the upper hand. Our hero is going to have to change up his tactics if he hopes to overpower a force of nature.



And as promised, here are a few new images that were added to the official website for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 after the trailer was released. There are new character images for Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Aunt May, and Max Dillon. The website also revealed that Colm Feore would be playing Donald Menken. Many speculated that Feore would be playing Adrian Toomes, but he will actually be Norman Osborn’s personal assistant and right-hand man. What do you think about the trailer? Did you spot something else  worth mentioning? Any theories on what will happen?










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