Law And Disorder: First Look At DAREDEVIL #36 And THE PUNISHER #2


daredevilHere’s a preview article with two completely different superhero tastes that taste great together. We have the lawful good of Daredevil mixed with the disorder and chaos The Punisher usually brings to the table. The two men are usually at odds, but they’ve come together before. They’re coming together once more for the purpose of this article.

Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Daredevil #36 is the end of the series forever…until March when it’s relaunched with a new #1. Matt Murdock’s battle with the Serpent Society reaches an explosive conclusion in the finale of this chapter of Daredevil’s life. The end of an era hits comic book shops February 19th. You won’t want to miss it.

On the other side of the coin, Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads will unleash their second issue of their Punisher run on February 19th as well. Frank Castle’s war on crime in Los Angeles takes an interesting new turn. Shots will be fired, people will die. You won’t want to miss this one either. Take a look at Jerome Opena’s amazing cover featuring a haloed Castle. What do you think of the new previews? Will you be picking these up next month?

“This February – Matt Murdock’s life comes crashing down in DAREDEVIL #36 – the fearless final issue from critically acclaimed storytellers Mark Waid & Chris Samnee! After the shocking events of last issue, there’s nowhere left for Matt to run. The Man Without Fear stands alone against the villainous hate group known as Sons of the Serpent. And their climactic clash is about to take place on a different kind of battlefield – in a New York City courtroom! But how much is he willing to sacrifice in the name of victory? It’s time for the Man Without Fear to show how fearless he really is. And the truth may shock you! It’s all been leading to this – and the seeds sown here bear bitter fruit for Daredevil in 2014! You don’t need a radar sense to know this one will be big! Don’t miss the epic finale this February in DAREDEVIL #36!”




This February, Frank Castle continues his journey out west in THE PUNISHER #2 – and the City of Angels has no idea what it’s in for! From blockbuster writer Nathan Edmondson and red-hot artist Mitch Gerads – a lead on a major source of guns and drugs finds Punisher hot on the tail of the Dos Soles gang. But when he finds himself in the crosshairs of dozens of armed thugs – they’ll find the Punisher isn’t so easily dispatched! Now, with the help of some unlikely allies (including a coyote), the stage is set for Frank to wage his war on crime on the streets of L.A. – if he lives that long! Los Angeles is also home to some of the Marvel Universe’s big baddies, and you’ll never believe who’s turf Frank just stepped on! Don’t miss the shocking last page when the explosive new series continues in THE PUNISHER #2!






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