Latest DAILY BUGLE Article About Harry And Norman Osborn Is Incredibly Tongue-In-Cheek


daily bugle bannerMost things are starting to slow down since we’re about to hit Christmas, but the viral marketing for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shows no signs of slowing down. The latest edition of The Daily Bugle has just been posted on the official Tumblr page, and it’s asking a question a lot of have been talking about lately- Where is Norman Osborn? While OsCorp gives a PR fluff answer about the Osborn patriarch’s health and whereabouts, there is an interesting tidbit said regarding young Harry Osborn. As you can see from the last line in the article, someone may have sprained an eye muscle winking so hard. Clever line. What do you think about the latest Bugle report? More importantly, how much do you want to be one of the viral marketers ‘reporting’ for the Bugle? These things have been nothing if not inventive.

By Joy Mercado
Norman Osborn, CEO of OsCorp Industries, not seen in public or heard from in months, remains in seclusion amidst growing speculation about the severity of his condition.
The mounting concern for Osborn’s health, combined with OsCorp Industries’ recent problems with Dr. Curt Connors, has generated increased focus on the readiness of the company’s heir apparent, Harry Osborn, to assume control of the multinational conglomerate.
When asked for an official statement about Harry’s role with the company, the standard company PR line is “Harry is currently studying in Europe.”
After being shown photographic evidence of Harry partying on the Riviera with a bevy of barely-clad supermodels, OsCorp’s spokesman Donald Menken said, “A snapshot cannot capture a life. Harry is a brilliant young man with a very bright future. He may be a little green, but the future is bright.”


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Source : The Daily Bugle tumblr