Latest AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Viral Article Sure Is A SHOCKER


shockerThe Amazing Spider-Man viral marketing has centered around a lot of a Daily Bugle articles talking about the goings on in Spidey‘s world after the events of the first film. Things like Dr. Curt Connor‘s trial, the discovery of Dr. Rajit Ratha‘s body, and J. Jonah Jameson labeling the web slinger a menace have tided a few things up, but now the articles seem to be hinting at things to come. Today’s edition of The Bugle features a report of a bank robbery by a possible powered individual. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to connect the dotes in this piece. It really sounds like Shocker is out robbing banks. While he may not pop up in Marc Webb‘s already crowded sequel, he could show up when the Sinister Six get together. We’ve been hearing about them appearing in the third film for some time now and it’s really all but officially confirmed. What do you think about the latest Bugle article? Do you want to see Shocker in a Spider-Man movie before long?

By Ned Leeds, City Bureau
The NYPD are the city’s greatest heroes, but sometimes even heroes are left scratching their heads. For instance, when $200,000 goes missing from the armored vault at G.K. Mason Bank.
Detective Stan Carter of the NYPD Major Crimes Unit was on scene to comment, stating, ”There’s still a lot we don’t know, but it looks like some kind of sustained vibration literally shook the door off its hinges and ripped the walls apart in the process.” Security cameras inside the bank were damaged upon the immediate forced entry of the robber, denying police a clear view of the perpetrator or the means of rupturing the vault.
When asked if the NYPD had concerns that the nature of the crime might indicate heightened super-human activity, Carter said, “There’s no evidence to point to that yet. When we catch him, we don’t expect anything more than a common crook with a clever toy.”


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Source : The Daily Bugle tumblr