Last Minute Geeky Christmas Gifts!



2013 has been an interesting year and it’s (finally) coming to an end. In just a couple of days, nerds and geeks of all ages will rush out to the front room looking for a big, fat pile of gifts under their Christmas tree. That means that Santa has to have everything ready to go in a matter of about 48 hours, so if there are any procrastinators out there, you’d better get a move on. There are almost always last-minute gifts that need to be purchased, but it’s not always easy, as a lot of things are sold out in the stores and you’d have to wait 5-7 days to have things shipped to you. Unless you want to pay those ungodly over-night shipping fees, and even then it’s not a guarantee to get to your home on time.

In order to make your life a little bit easier, I’ve gathered a few things that may help purchasing last-minute nerd gifts a bit less stressful. Most of these you can purchase right online and transfer electronically, so there is no need to even leave your favorite arm chair or your desk at work. Others may require a quick drive to the local superstore, but at least you know it’s in stock!

ONline GamingWhat comic book fan doesn’t like comic books? It’s the life-blood of our nerdiness! Luckily, we live in the digital age and comics are just a click away and are available on laptops, tablets, phones and numerous other devices. Both Marvel and DC Comics have digital version of their comics, as well as those fancy motion comics, that are easily accessible through their own websites, as well as through sites like Comixology. Simply select the “eGift Card” option and set your desired amount and BOOM! You are good-to-go. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Your geek gets what they want and is quite happy and you are looking good in their eyes.

itunes100giftcardSpeaking of gift cards, there is this little music program called iTunes that some feel is popular. They have expanded their options to include anything from music to books to movies to comics. There is literally something for everyone available on iTunes. With all the comic book movies flooding theaters, there are options for the movies themselves as well as the incredible musical scores that come along with them. Books! Did I mention they have books?

netflix-macSpeaking of movies, find me a geek that refuses to spend hours upon hours catching up on their favorite television series, or binge-watching discontinued cartoons and I’ll call you a big, fat liar. Netflix has greatly expanded their streaming options and continues to do so. Add that to the vast selection of DVDs and Blu-ray and your geek shouldn’t have any problems finding something to enjoy. Just like the digital comics above, Netflix offers several gift options, ranging from a single month subscription, about $9, to a full year, about $100; both of which are well worth the money. And with the service available on various types of tablets and mobile devices, they can literally take their movies anywhere they go.

sodastreamWhat goes with a good movie better than something loaded with sugar and other unhealthy things? Or how about a way for your favorite gamer to keep the killing spree going then with the availability of caffeine at their finger tips? The SodaStream allows you to make your own soft drinks in a large variety of flavors, both leaded and unleaded (caffeine…I mean caffeine) right at home, saving you and your geeks money. Once you have the basics, which you can purchase at several of the big-box retailers, you can order the various refills and such online. The end result is surprisingly good- depending on the flavor- and quite easy to manage.

free-xbox-live-pointsSo your nerd has their caffeine, now they need their games. Just about all the gaming systems now days have the option for online gaming and just about everyone takes part in that option. Just like the other online options above, you have the option to purchase a digital gift that would allow your kids or husband, or wife for that matter, use those pre-purchased points, hours, dollars, whateves, to play online. It’s a simple gift, but I’m sure any gaming nerd would be quite appreciative of it.

mens_mv_Deadpool-Swag_charcoalFinally, every geek and nerd, regardless of age or sex, loves to show off their geek side. Luckily, there are many ways to do this and it’s not incredibly expensive to do so. Not only that, but it’s pretty accessible. I don’t think I can walk into a store in the mall or any of the big-box retailers and not find a t-shirt, hat or bag with Batman’s surly mug plastered on it. Looking for a t-shirt with The Flash, X-Men, Green Lantern or Wolverine on it? Check out the local Target. Want a coffee mug with your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man crawling all over it? Walmart is the place to be. All of these things can be purchased for under $10 in most cases and they are pretty much always in stock. Not to mention, they are pretty cool looking too.

I hope this short, but effective, list will help you out in the next day or so! Most importantly, we hare at ComicBookTherapy want you all to have a happy and safe, holiday season. We are grateful for your continuous support and online love. We look forward to bringing you all the latest news in comics and comic book movies. It’s going to be yet another awesome year and we are looking forward to an amazing 2014.


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