The Lamborghini Aventador in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Is A Decepticon Punk


In just a few weeks, during the “big game”, we’ll be getting our first taste of the fourth film in the not-quite-rebooted Transformers franchise. Leading the charge this time will be Mark Wahlberg, who takes over the lead in the film, with Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, TJ Miller and Stanley Tucci joining the cast as well. We know that Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will be returning, but that seems to be all in regards to returning robots and judging by the pics of the vehicles being used in the film, a whole new crew is being used. Before you go on, I’m going to issue a minor SPOILER WARNING to readers!


One of the cars being featured is the uber-awesome Lamborghini Aventador, but we didn’t know which side of the robot would fall on: good or evil. Thanks to a new pic of the toy line being sold for the film, we have our answer. Lockdown will be making his first appearance in the franchise.

We have received more info from UK Toy Fair 2014. According to HTI Group, the Transformers: Age Of Extinction Track Sets are under license from Hasbro. The pictured Optimus Prime Trackset is called the “Optimus Prime Challenge Track Set” and it will come with two 1:64 Scale Bumblebee and Lockdown (character name confirmed) pull-back vehicles. Lockdown can shoot mini discs and they all pack away inside the Optimus Prime trailer.

Transformers-4-Age-Of-Extinction-Track-Set-Hasbro-HTI-Group-UK-Toy-Fair-2014_1390326793For those not familiar with the character, Lockdown is not really a Decepticon or an Autobot, but more of a rogue bounty hunter. He was actually described as being a “disgrace to the glorious name of Decepticon” by a fellow baddie. He first made his appearance in 2008’s Transformers Animated series. He is actually an Autobot CyberNinja who was disgraced by his master and later returned to kill him as his first mission as a bounty hunter.

We’re not quite sure how he’ll fit into the scheme of things at this point, but it’s safe to assume he’ll align himself with the bad guys. However, with Megatron out of the picture, it will be interesting to see who is leading the opposing side. Rumors of Unicron and Galvatron were quite prevalent at the beginning of the production. The last plot blurb we saw stated that “an ancient, powerful Transformer menace sets Earth in his crosshairs,” so it’s entirely possible. We also know that the popular Dinobots will be showing up for the first time as well, which should be quite interesting.

Transformers: Age of Extinction is slated to hit theaters June 27th! And be sure to check back to ComicBookTherapy for that trailer when it hits in a few weeks!


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