Knightingail Trade Paperback Press Release


Comic book publisher Big Dog Ink and creator/writer Wayne Gardiner are excited to announce the release of the first Knightingail trade paperback. This trade features an amazing cover illustrated by Nei Ruffino and will collect the entire 6-issue mini-series, Knightingail: The Legend Begins. The individual issues were originally self-published and available through Diamond, convention appearances, and on-line. In the future, Big Dog Ink will publish all future Knightingail comics, including this trade. The trade is listed in the October PREVIEWS magazine and will be released in December 2012, just in time to be that perfect Christmas gift to any fantasy-adventure comic lover in your family.

Wayne is happy to announce that Eisner nominated creator Travis Hanson will be writing the Foreward to the trade paperback. Wayne met Travis at Phoenix Comic-Con 2011, when they had booths next to each other. Since then, Travis has been a terrific advisor in regards to self-publishing, as well as having been interviewed twice by Knightingail herself.




In addition to the foreward by Travis Hanson, the Knightingail Vol 1 trade paperback will also include:
· An illustrated cover art gallery with covers from interior artists Francisco/Hao, Genzoman, Nei Ruffino, Daxiong Guo, and others
· A photo cover art gallery featuring international cosplayer Jessica Nigri
· A Knightingail sketchbook featuring previously unpublished Knightingail character concepts
· A map of Aeonius, Knightingail’s home world

About the story: Knightingail: The Legend Begins follows a teenage Forester princess named Eloa who was born with mysterious healing powers. In this introductory story, she and her close companions Kaeli and Daniel from the Hunter and Carver tribes, respectively, find themselves face-to-face with an invasion force that threatens to destroy their homeland. Only through the discovery of century-dormant Centurion powers do the companions stand a chance at stopping the invasion. Eloa, in particular, is led on a journey where she finds her innocence betrayed, witnesses the destructive power of hate and vengeance, and discovers that only through sacrifice and the bonds of friendship does she find her true calling as Knightingail, leader of her homeland tribes imbued with the power to control the forces of nature.

The world of Knightingail is beautifully rendered in full-color with exquisite details. The fantasy world is wonderfully illustrated with lush forests, jagged mountains, and ancient cities. The characters themselves are all unique creations including 7 different races of tribesmen, companion animals such as swiftbeasts or lava dogs, and ruthless villainous creatures like the evil Dracons.

Knightingail is a welcome change from the current comic market dominated by superheroes or a flood of zombie and other dark comics. Knightingail is an all-ages comic the entire family will enjoy. Women will enjoy reading Knightingail for its portrayal of feminine maturity as Eloa grows from a flighty teenager to a commanding warrior princess. Men will love – well Knightingail herself – as well as the epic fantasy adventure story.





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