Knightingail: Shadow Divisions Vol. 2 Details!


Wayne Gardiner and Big Dog Ink have an extra special Knightingail present coming in March 2014. Listed in this month’s January PREVIEWS catalog is the new Knightingail: Shadow Divisions trade paperback. This trade paperback collects the critically acclaimed six issue, volume 2 mini-series.

This Knightingail trade is very special because it incorporates artwork from the exceptional Knightingail cover artists Dawn McTeigue and Ula Mos. Dawn and Ula collaborated on an amazing set of connecting variant battle covers for the comic books, and now they lend their talents to the trade as well. Their artwork is featured on both the front and back of the trade paperback. In addition, they also provide a special limited edition trade wrap-around cover that really shows off their artwork. Their art doesn’t just stop at the covers. Their magical background artwork was used on interior layout pages to provide a magical feel to the entire book.

The Knightingail trade continues to provide fans with extra special items in addition to collecting the comic book stories. This trade features a foreword by Big Dog Ink co-owner Kim Hutchison, a new map of Aeonius drawn by local Arizona artist Brand James, a cover gallery, character sketch artwork, and a checklist of all of the Knightingail: Shadow Division comics. It’s a great collectable for even someone who has collected the comics.

In regards to the story, Knightingail Vol 2: Shadow Divisions continues the adventures of Knightingail following the events of Knightingail Vol 1: The Legend Begins. Knightingail and her four Centurion companions must use their combined powers to destroy Luceus and his invading army. At first, they find that their combined powers are unmatched when fighting Luceus’ army. But the stresses of war soon bring their toll, and divisions erupt between even close friends. It is when they are most divided that Sicari, Queen of the Shadow Ravens, and her tribe of all female assassin warriors strike at the divided Centurions. A youtube preview can be found at .

The Knightingail Vol 2 trade is orderable from the January PREVIEWS catalog, so fans should tell their local comic book stores to order them a copy now. Then the regular trade will be released to comic book stores across the country in March. The variant edition of the trade will only be available from either the on-line Knightingail or Big Dog Ink stores or from conventions.




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