Knightingail Shadow Divisions: Announcing Shadow Ravens & Stalsions


One of the most fascinating things about the Knightingail comic book series is its unique and interesting fantasy characters and creatures. The first Knightingail series, The Legend Begins, established a fully populated environment of fantasy tribes and creatures such as Foresters, Hunters, Builders, Dracons, Carvers, Swiftbeasts, and Lava Dogs. Wayne Gardiner, the creator/writer of Knightingail, is pleased to announce two new creatures which will debut in the second Knightingail series, Shadow Divisions, which is being released starting in July 2013 through publisher Big Dog Ink. These new creatures are the Shadow Ravens and Stalsions.


Shadow Ravens are a new tribe which will make their first appearance in Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #2. The Shadow Ravens are a tribe of all female assassin warriors, and they are very good at it. There’s a particular reason for that. Shadow Ravens are able to blend into shadows (including their clothes and weapons) to remain essentially invisible to all other creatures. However, wherever light hits them, their true colorful appearance shines through. This can be clearly seen in an included image that shows Sicari, the Queen of the Shadow Raven, in all three of her lighted forms: all light, mixed, and in full shadows.


Sicari, herself, is the Queen of the Shadow Ravens and the undisputed leader. That is because any officer may challenge the Queen in battle. As such, the Queen of the Shadow Ravens is the most deadly of all the Shadow Raven assassins. In most cases, there does not need to be a formal declaration of challenge for the Queen ranking. A worthy Queen will most likely ensure any potential challenger is found dead before able to make such declaration. And if a Queen is not worthy, the Queen most likely will be dead before a challenge is needed. The symbol of Shadow Raven leadership is the Shadow Raven gold and silver staff. Whoever carries the staff is the undisputed leader of the Shadow Ravens.

In addition to the Shadow Ravens, a new creature called the Stalsions are introduced in this series also in issue #2. The Stalsions are quite literally the work-horse of the Knightingail world. They are large enough to carry Builders like Maragus into battle or pull loaded carts full of equipment. They are very regal animals, like a Clydesdale horse; and they are well evolved within the Knightingail world since they come with their own biologically attached furry reigns. They also have a special glow about them with a very special origin and meaning to be revealed at a later time. The attached artwork from the upcoming Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #3 shows how impressive these creatures really are. Interior illustrations are by Mel Joy San Juan and Katrina Mae Hao. A Stalsion variant cover to issue #3 was illustrated by Jen Broomall and Ula Mos and will be released at a convention later this summer.



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