Kirkman And Mazzara Talk About What Happened On This Week’s Walking Dead


Wow! Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead was exhausting. If you haven’t watched it yet and want to be spoiled, feel free to exit. It’s OK. Go on. For those of you that did see it, continue reading to see what Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman had to say about those two big moments in tonight’s episode.

Lori didn’t last as long as her comic book counterpart, but she did give birth to a (seemingly) healthy baby. Showrunner Glen Mazzara and Robert Kirkman talked with The Hollywood Reporter about the two shocking deaths. Mazzara touches on why this was the time for Lori to go.

We did think it would be interesting if like in the comics Lori was killed in the strife between the prison and Woodbury and that is a storyline we’re developing. The decision to move up Lori’s death was to make sure that Rick was suffering as much as possible, that Rick was at his breaking point, at the exact moment that his most formidable foe was coming right for him. The Rick at the end of episode two can take on the Governor but the Rick of end of episode four is a broken man. Now everything is up in the air and anything could happen when the two groups meet. That was the catalyst for the decision: Lori’s death and the affects on Rick and the rest of the group would be a devastating loss.

Robert Kirkman echoed that sentiment:

That was something we were always planning on building to. It’s very important in the comic series that Rick loses his wife after everything he’s tried to do; it’s unavoidable and that informs his character moving forward. That’s something we wanted to adapt and as we started plotting season three out, we came in wanting to make the show as intense as possible and hit the ground running and pack as much stuff into each episode as we possibly could. As we were plotting things, that storyline kept moving closer and closer to the beginning of the season. The first four episodes of this season, every one of them could have been a finale of any other show but they’re just another episode for us. We wanted to spend a lot of time with Carl and Rick in the aftermath of that. As the season progresses, you’ll see just how important Lori was to the show and how much of a loss that’s going to end up being.

The duo also talked about the other regular cast member that met his fate tonight: T-Dog.

Mazzara: We felt he needed to be a hero. Sometimes when we break these stories, if the death feels real and escaping the death feels like a TV cheat we have to go with the death. It wasn’t an easy decision and it was our most heroic death. Up until this moment we haven’t had heroic deaths. I don’t think Dale or Shane died heroically; we haven’t had that and here we have two heroic deaths — T-Dog and Lori, who sacrifices herself for redemption. That’s important to show how much we love these characters, it’s a particularly heartbreaking episode because those deaths are heroic.

Kirkman: It was important for us to us to show that there was quite a bit of chaos going on. Losing two characters and possibly three because we really don’t know what’s going on with Carol — was pretty important to us. T-Dog really stepped it up this season and had become core member of Rick’s strike team. We wanted to show in his loss just how important this character had become and how heroic he was so that he would be missed that much more. T-Dog knowing that he was about to die and take it upon himself to do everything he could to save Carol’s really showed how much of a loss this guy is going to be.

The two talk about all the big moments in this episode and what it means for the future. If you want to read what the group has in store for them, click right here. This episode turned it up to 11 and ripped the knob off. There was an incredibly amount of zombie action and a fair balance between the prison and Woodbury. If that wasn’t enough you got hit with the shocking moment where T-Dog gets bit in the shoulder, and then in the second half of the show you have Lori giving her life to birth her child. What did you think about tonight’s episode? I’m exhausted!

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Source : The Hollywood Reporter