Killer Previews: Savage Wolverine #1 And Punisher: Nightmare #3


We’ve got two killer Marvel previews for you today. We have a new Wolverine book and the third installment in the five-part Punisher: Nightmare run. First up is Savage Wolverine by Frank cho. Cho covers writing and art duties on the new title coming out January 16th. The raging Canadian finds himself in the Savage Land with no idea how he got there. You can guess it’s not going to be a tropical vacation for Wolverine.

Continuing on our killers theme, Frank Castle is out for more blood in Scott Gimple and Mark Texeira’s Punisher: Nightmare #3. This issue features a flashback to the Marvel Civil War where Captain America tells Frank how he really feels about him. Check out the previews for both books coming out the 16th with a $3.99 cover price.

Wolverine awakes to find himself transported to the Savage Land and labeled public enemy number one! With no memory of how he got there, and Shanna the She-Devil his only ally, Logan must unravel the mystery that slumbers at the heart of the Savage Land before it finds a way to kill him first. This January, Wolverine is all brawls, babes, and brachiosaurs, and you’ll never see the end — or the future of the Marvel Universe — NOW!

• A Special Forces soldier is injured and his family killed in the midst of a mob execution in Central Park, but this isn’t Frank Castle. This time it’s a young soldier named JAKE NIMAN, but the familiar story puts Frank on the path of punishment!

• As Jake Niman heals from his wounds, why is he growing strangely stronger?

• And who is the mysterious Johnny Nightmare?

• Bullets fly, anarchy reigns, allies become enemies, the Punisher becomes the punished, and no one is safe!!!








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