Kieron Gillen Makes Iron Man A God Killer


Marvel held another one of their Next Big Thing panels earlier today. The topic of the panel was Iron Man by Kieron Gillen. We’re well into his first arc, but the discussion turned to what’s coming up for Tony Stark. We know that Stark will be joining up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Brian Michael Bendis’ new book, but how he gets there and what he leaves behind will be the topic of Gillen’s second arc The Godkiller.

Issue #6 in February will be seeing Iron Man in space. The issue and arc will feature Stark’s space adventures and what causes him to join up with the Guardians. To make it in space, Iron Man will need a new suit. Gillen said it’s put together because Tony asks “What would you need to go and be this heroic space knight figure?” The story isn’t going to be all space all the time though, Gillen states that we will be seeing what people like Pepper Potts are going through while Tony’s gone. There will also be some exploration with some of the feeling Stark was having towards the end of AvX. The author teased that we may see UNIT may show up, but he did come out and say that Death’s Head, the robotic bounty hunger, will show up in “The Godkiller.”

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Source : CBR