Kickstart The Art: The Mighty Titan


Welcome to the first official edition of Kickstart The Art. This is a feature where we will explore some of the great comic book and nerdy kickstarter projects that you should be aware of. CBT likes to bring you things from some of the other great publishers out there as well as indie projects, so Kickstart The Art will let you know about some of the projects out there that are trying to make their way into your hands.

The project that is highlighted today is one that I’ve been keeping up with for a while. Joe Martino’s story The Mighty Titan is one you should be aware of. Martino takes his battle with cancer and uses that to tell the story of a superhero. Martino states that it isn’t an autobiography, he talked with other cancer survivors and used their experiences as well. The pitch for Titan is a 5 issue miniseries for starters. The story is basically that of a hero who is for all purposes invulnerable. He can’t be hurt by anything, but his alter ego can. Think Captain Marvel and Billy Bastion. Titan’s alter ego is dying and now Titan has to figure out how he handles a personal issue as well as fighting the evil that is already present. I asked Martino about the Captain Marvel comparision and how that translates to Titan:

Titan is a Captain Marvel type in that he has a human alter ego. When he is human, he is just like you or I. When he is Titan he is essentially a god on earth. His power is the essence of the Titan Hyperion. But when he changes his personality doesn’t change. He is still himself with the power of a Titan.

I also asked Martino about the first issue and what we can expect to see:

Issue 1 is an introduction to key characters that will take us into the mini. We meet Titan, his alter ego, police chief Jack Dynes and the main villain of the series, TrenchMouth. He is a 90+ year old former nazi scientist who has kept himself young through genetic manipulation. He creates robots and Mechas that are piloted by inner city kids and young adults. The first issue is action packed and hopefully has a few twists and turns. In issue 2 we start to discover that Titan’s alter ego is sick and how he will handle it all.

The first issue of Titan has an awesome Jerry Ordway cover that shows off the world of The Mighty Titan. Ordway is best known for his work on Crisis on Infinite Earths, his run on Superman, and The Power of Shazam! Martino’s story is without a doubt inspiring, but the basis of the comic is original and really piqued my interest. This is the story of how the hero deals with his alter ego. It’s like if Thor or Captain Marvel had to struggle with something that happened to Donald Blake or Billy Bastion. It’s a very interesting concept with limitless possibility. Martino has a pretty impressive comics resume already with Shadow Flame and Ripperman, so I expect great things from this. There are very few comics and concepts that really grab my attention, but this one manages to do that. There are currently 8 days left on the Kickstarter clock, and I highly encourage you to read up on it and see if it excites you as much as it does me. You can check out the Kickstarter and get all kinds of other info for The Mighty Titan by clicking here.

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