Kickstart The Art: Pariah, Missouri By Andres Salazar


pariah bannerWelcome to another edition of Kickstart The Art where we scour the web looking for interesting crowdfunding campaigns you should know about. Today’s entry is an occult western set in Missouri 4 years before the Civil War called Pariah, Missouri. The project is described as “Huckleberry Finn meets Buffy the vampire slayer.” The project was created, written, and colored by Andres Salazar with pencils by Jose Pescador. Salazar studied under the legendary Howard Chaykin for a few years and Pescador has shown his art in galleries across the world. What the duo with impressive resumes are trying to do is get a hardcover collection of the first volume funded.

Pariah, Missouri takes some historical characters and setting, gives them a twist, and splashes in mysticism and some folk-magic to give you a western story you’ve never seen before. The story follows Hiram Buchanan, an undercover spy, as he tries to form an unconventional team to take down an underground crime syndicate and some otherworldly elements. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page to learn more about the story. Salazar has been researching and working on the story for the better part of three years. The five issue arc features some extraordinary art that has been watercolored  to give it a unique and very western-y vibe.

The great thing about this project is that it is already finished. Salazar and Pescador are currently hard at work on the second volume.   The funding for this project is to get the hardcover completed. The book will be in your hands next month. That’s a huge thing in Pariah, Missouri‘s favor that I haven’t seen many times before when looking at crowdfunding campaigns. If you think the story sounds interesting then there is absolutely no risk. As a history buff and lover of westerns myself, I think this is a fantastic looking book that is worth your attention. Salazar has a funny Kickstarter video you can check out along with all the project details by clicking here. If the banner wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, you can check out a few preview pages under the video for the plot of the series. What do you think about Pariah, Missouri? Will you be visiting?





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