Kickstart The Art: Kali Yuga Age Of The Demon


Welcome to the second edition of Kikstart The Art. We take a look at a Kickstarter project that grabs our attention and that we think you will be interested in. This time we have a story about Indian mythology. Kali Yuga, Age of the Demon, is an interactive graphic novel by Indy Rishi Singh.

Here is a little bit of information and a brief synopsis of the story as provided by the Kickstarter page:

The greatest stories are the journeys that travel within: KALI YUGA is a revolutionary INTERACTIVE DIGITAL GRAPHIC NOVEL that brings Indian mythology to global consciousness! The world is in chaos, wars ravage the planet and resources and psyche are under attack from mysterious forces. Indian mythology states that the final reincarnation of Vishnu (Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, etc) will ride a horse and vanquish life as we know it during the culmination of the KALI YUGA (Age of Demons).

The end is merely the beginning, as KALI YUGA follows the journey of Amay Singh; a mild mannered and frustrated young adult pressured towards his destiny as the final Avatar of Vishnu. Based in New York City, KALI YUGA bridges the world of Gods/Demons into our current, tumultuous and uncertain world. Amay Singh has a choice to take the side of the Gods to save the world, or become one with the Demons as they usher in the “End of Days”

The interactive part of the story comes into play with certain panels in the comic that will affect the story depending on how the reader perceives the story details, environment interactions, and even solving puzzles that can win the reader prizes. The plan is to make Kali Yuga compatible with smart phones, tablets, and regular computers.

This is an interesting idea because it is set in Indian mythology. Some of our greatest stories and characters comes out of mythology. While most are familiar with more Greek mythology, Indian myth is incredibly interesting and rich with story potential. The video pitch makes this story sound promising and worth checking out. The mix of myth and science isn’t a new idea, but Kali Yuga seems to be trying something different. If you want to read more about Kali Yuga and the creative team, you can check out their Kickstarter page by clicking here.

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