Kickstart The Art: Hyper Heroes


Welcome to yet another edition of our Kickstart the art feature where we take a look at cool and interesting Kickstarter campaigns you should know about. Today’s Kickstarter is an all-ages tale of pint-sized heroes called Hyper Heroes.  It was created and written by JC Alvarez.

It started as a school hobby, where it gathered a huge cult following of about 9 people… But hey, they were the story’s protagonists. Because that’s the point of hyper heroes: the reader is the protagonist!

I’ve done this for 30 years, first as a childhood hobby, then as an artist for kid’s books and animated films; now I want to indulge myself again, and to tell kids to indulge their own strengths, their own skills, their own stories.

Hyper Heroes is an independent comic that allows readers to become the heroes. The story is about a normal kid who is struggling with high school grades, bullies, and an unrequited crush. Hyper Heroes is JC Alvarez’s all-ages superhero comic. He states “It has teen hijinks, good-natured comedy and the occasional superhero fight. That’s basically it.” The project is unique in that it allows readers the chance to have their face and mannerisms made into a comic book hero. Alvarez takes the person’s look and mannerisms and bases the character on their strengths and qualities.

The story is an ongoing comic at, but the Kickstarter is looking to make it an ongoing print comic. This is a project you need to check into because it is one of the few truly all-age comics that both kids and adults can enjoy. Comics have been shifting to older teen and adult audiences as of late and most offerings aimed at kids aren’t that strong of a read. It’s nice to have something out there that is offered and worthy of the younger reading audience.

You can check out what Hyper Heroes is all about by clicking on the link to the website here and the Kickstarter project here.

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