Kickstart The Art: Fletcher Hanks’ Stardust The Super Wizard Figurine


It’s time for another addition to Kickstart the Art. This one is a different direction than the previous entries. While we’ve turned the spotlight on different comics and anthologies, today we have a figurine based on a comic book. One of the craziest and most unique heroes of the Golden Age of comics could have a hand-painted metal figurine if you’ll help.

What you’re seeing is Stardust the Super Wizard, created by Fletcher Hanks. Hanks was a Golden Age cartoonist whose work has been described as “Basil Wolverton meets Ed Wood.” Besides Stardust, Fletcher created one of the first female superheros Fantomah who existed before the famous Wonder Woman. Stardust has one of the power sets you could only get during the Golden Age. Checking the ever reliable Wikipedia for a little background, Stardust possessed super strength, flight, supersenses, and other powers as required in the story. Stardust has a cult following among fans of lowbrow art and vintage comics. Stardust is a godlike alien who has an observatory on a star with a “crime detector” that tells him when evil is afoot. He has a sense of justice that would make The Punisher and Judge Dredd tell him to chill. Words fail. Look at how he enlarges a guys head and throws it into a space pocket.

This is something you want to check into as a fan of comics and their history. The Golden Age houses some of the most interesting characters and stories you could ever imagine. If you’re a comic history buff, this figurine will look great on your bookshelf. Check out the Kickstarter page for more details and how to snag yours.

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