Kickstart The Art: UNIT 44 Issues #2-4


44Welcome to another edition of Kickstart The Art, the semi-regular feature where we bring attention to some cool comic book related Kickstarter projects we think you’ll like. Today’s entry is the second wave of a previous project we covered late last year. Wes Locher and Eduardo Jimenez‘s Unit 44 is looking to fund the last three issues of their four-part series. The Kickstarter for the first issue was 138% funded, so to say their is interest in the series is an understatement. The new campaign has just passed the halfway point, but there’s still a good ways to go.

You can read the write-up for the first issue by clicking here, but Unit 44 is a far-out sci-fi/comedy about two Area 51 agents who let the payments for one of the facilities off-site storage facilities lapse and eventually be sold in a storage auction. The alien artifacts housed within are important for one of Area 51’s new projects, so it’s up to big and tough Agent Hatch and the young screw-up Agent Gibson to get everything back or loose something very important to them. Locher has described the series as MIB meets Storage Wars, and that’s about as appropriate a description as you could come up with.

I was lucky enough to get to read the first issue of Unit 44, and it’s a fast-paced story full of wit and some great humor that’s appropriate for all-ages. It’s the rare comic that’s appropriate for everyone with jokes that can keep kids just as entertained as adults. Locher writes a sharp introductory story that checks off all the boxes you need in a first issue (character intros, laying out the plot, giving our characters a goal, etc.) while still keeping things moving along and breaking away from a lot of the more cliched elements you can think of for things like alien invasions and government conspiracies. Jimenez‘s art is just flat-out clean. The artist uses some sharp lines that make for well-defined characters that can convey emotion and get across the various gags Locher throws the artist’s way. We don’t get a great look at the alien tech just yet, but what we do see is funky and recognizable, yet out-there enough to make us think it truly is alien in origin. The last few pages guarantee you’ll want to see what happens next as well.

The campaign’s page says that the money will “fund the creation of the art for issues #2-4 of the sci-fi/humor comic book series UNIT 44. The first issue is complete and now it’s time to finish the series! The funds raised will allow artist Eduardo Jimenez to set aside several other projects to focus solely on finishing the comic book for release in Fall 2014.” The series will eventually be released as a digital-first initiative by Alterna Comics, but contributors will get a wide variety of digital incentives and specials at all pledge levels. This is definitely a series and creative team you’ll hear a lot about in the very near future, so it’s the perfect time to jump aboard the Unit 44 train and see what it’s all about. You can check out the Kickstar page right here (where you can see the first 7 pages of issue #1), Locher’s Twitter page here, his website here, and Jimenez’s Twitter here.

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