Spolight: Key Casino Scenes In Movies



Given that they can provide glamour and edge of the seat excitement at the same time, it is no surprise that casinos are such a popular setting for movie scenes. However there is a difference between films that are all about casino gaming, and those which just use a casino for a single key scene. These are some of the best examples of the latter.

Casino Royale


While casino scenes have been a staple of Bond movies since the very start, they had started to seem stale and clichéd by the 1990s – like many other standard elements of the franchise. The 206 reboot Casino Royale did a great job of injecting the tension back into the casino scene, by facing Bond off against arch villain Le Chiffre, in the knowledge that failure to win their Texas Hold’em match would mean money going to fund cover terrorist operations – very high stakes indeed!



Many younger fans will not have seen this 1942 classic, and thus will have missed one of the best casino scenes in movie history. When Rick (Humphrey Bogart) decides to intervene at the roulette wheel after he approached by the wife of a young man trying to secure enough money there to get them out of the country, it proves to be a pivotal moment in the film – although we won’t give it away here.

Rain Man


The casino game in this 1988 film starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman is blackjack, and the setting is Las Vegas. Charlie (Cruise) has figured out that he can exploit the mathematical brilliance of his autistic brother Raymond (Hoffman) by getting him to count the cards, but the casino’s lights and noises are difficult for Raymond to cope with. This sets the stage for one of the quirkiest casino scenes in any movie, and one which also provides insight into the characters of both brothers for the audience.

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