Kevin Smith Really Wishes Ben Affleck Was Cast As BATMAN In The 90s


batmanAfter the craziness that was the season premiere of The Walking Dead and an hour of Talking Dead, Kevin Smith‘s Comic Book Men returned for its third season. Not only did the episode see Bryan Johnson getting whipped into shape by Lou “The Hulk” Ferrigno, it also had an interesting mid-commercial podcast snippet featuring Kevin Smith.

As you know if you watch the show, during the middle of the commercials they sometimes show the gang sitting around the podcast table talking about nerdy subjects. Tonight’s break in the commercial break saw Kevin Smith talking about Batfleck once again. Smith has been very vocal about his support of his buddy becoming his personal favorite comic book character in existence, but the director has also said he hasn’t spoken to Affleck in a few years. Smith stated he really wishes Affleck would have been cast as Batman back in the 90s when they were still really close. His reasoning wasn’t only so he could share in his friend’s excitement, but he thought he could’ve gotten a shot at landing a role in the film as well:

affleckThe moment they announced Ben Affleck as Batman, my face had a Joker-like, rictus grin. Oh my god, I know Batman! I put Batman in movies. He’s playing a villain in movies for me! If this was happening in the mind-nineties, when I was thick as thieves with Affleck, I would be the Penguin. I could get [Jason] Mewes cast as The Riddler. Jay as The Riddler!

If Joel Schumacher was directing, Smith‘s dream could have probably became a reality. While we all think about what it’s like in the alternate universe where this actually happened, Smith also comments on the Batfleck outrage. He was surprised it got so nasty on Twitter:

It was so strange watching the internet blow up. I read an article where they said in the first hour on Twitter 71% of the tweets about Ben were negative, 16% were neutral, and the rest of the precent were me going ‘This is awesome! This is going to rock!’

So there you go. Kevin Smith weighs in on Batfleck one more time in a more off-the-cuff manner. While I’m not entirely sure he was being completely serious, I’m sure he would have been over the moon if Affleck was a 90s Batman. He may even try to reconnect with his old pal once filming starts for the Man of Steel sequel. What do you think about Smith‘s comments? Not that he’s campaigning for the role, but could you see him as Penguin?

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Source : Comic Book Men AMC