Kevin Smith And Ralph Garman Team Up For BATMAN ’66 MEETS THE GREEN HORNET


batman 66With the Batman ’66 comic being a massive success right out of the digital gate, the possibility for crossovers were probably put on the table not long after its debut. However things went down, we’re getting a gigantic 12-part digital-first biweekly series starting May 21st featuring Batman, Robin, Kato, and the Green Hornet. The new series, Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet, will be written by director and comic book icon Kevin Smith along with his friend and podcaster-in-crime Ralph Garman. Joining the dynamic duo will be artist Ty Templeton.

This is Smith‘s first foray into digital comics, but reuniting Batman (at DC) and Green Hornet (at home with Dynamite) is a dream come true for the writer. He’s no stranger to either of the masked crusaders, so bringing them together is one of those obvious things that is strange only in the fact he hadn’t done it before. Smith said of the project, “It’s like getting to be 5 years old again and tell stories that you would have made up while watching the show as a kid. To be able to do it, man, it really does bring it full circle in a bucket-list kind of fashion.

Smith and Garman are treating this story as if it were a lost sequel to the 1967 Batman two-parter that brought the Hornet and Kato to Gotham City. Batman, Robin, Kato, and Green Hornet clashed in a big and violent way before they realized they were all trying to do the same job. That story saw the crime fighters trying to bring down a counterfeit stamp ring run by the pink-suited Colonel Gumm. This new story will see the same villain brought back, but since they don’t have the rights to Gumm actor Roger C. Carmel‘s likeness, the two writers had to come up with something to explain his altered appearance. Garman realized they could turn him into General Gumm and disfigure his face for as yet unknown reason to get around the hassle while bringing an new twist to the story.

While the digital series is a thrill for Smith, his ultimate goal is for the story to be turned into a DVD animated feature of some sort. The writer points out that all of the principal cast except Bruce Lee are still alive. He told USA TodayAdam still sounds like Adam. Hopefully that’s somewhere in the cards down the road, if the comic book connects the way we think it will.

So Smith and Garman get to expand on the hinted backstory that Bruce Wayne and Britt Reid were old rivals in school when they bring them back together in a way that can go above and beyond a TV budget. Smith has presented some great Green Hornet and Batman stories, so it will be very interesting to see him bring them together. You can check out some of Templeton‘s art as well as an Alex Ross cover scattered around the article. What do you think about the new crossover? Will you be checking this one out?
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Source : USA Today