Kevin Smith Goes Into More Detail About The Time He Saw Ben Affleck’s Batsuit



A couple of months, Kevin Smith hosted a Man of Steel fan event for the home release of the movie that featured the likes of Henry Cavill (via satellite), Amy Adams and director Zack Snyder. After the event, Smith was talking on his Hollywood Babble-On Podcast where he said Snyder pulled him away and showed him a picture of the Batsuit. Smith said it reminded him of a certain artist, but the name was blocked out. The artist turned out to be Jim Lee, based on a fan account who was at the live taping of the podcast.

Now, hot off the heels of Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner talking about it, Smith has gone in to a little bit more detail on the suit while on his Fatman On Batman Podcast. One of the things that he revealed that was new is that not only was Batman in the picture, but Superman was too “looming” behind him, and that photo was of the two on a rooftop. Check out the full quote below:

hmn3“I talked about it on Hollywood Babble-On, but I have seen the suit. I did this Man Of Steel Yahoo, fan event when the DVD came out. I was hosting Zack Snyder was there, Amy Adams, we had Henry Cavill from satellite over in the UK, and you know it was all about Man of Steel. And at one point Zack talked a little bit about the future and Batman Vs Superman, but when the show was all done, Zack was all like ‘Kev come here, come here’, and he takes me over to the corner and whips out his phone, and he shows me a picture of Batman. Live action version of Batman. A very familiar Batman, I might add. It didn’t look like any of the cinematic Batmans that have ever gone before. He shows me that picture and behind Batman…Superman in the suit looming in the distance. Both on a roof top kind of thing. It was on a set, a little set the put together for this photo shoot. So I was like ‘Oh my god! Is that the suite?! The suit looks amazing! Did you get people to model it?’ And he goes, ‘That’s your boy.’ And I look closely and it’s Ben Affleck wearing the suit. The suit, it is not mine to spill, in terms of what it looks like, you’ll see it. They’ll tell you when they want you to know, but any Batman fan is going to be F—ing pleased. I’m going to tell you that right now. They gave you the suit you all wanted to see.”

Ben Affleck being one of his friends aside, I for one am pretty excited that a huge Batman fan such as Smith is excited about the look of the Batsuit. Like stated above it’s rumored to be very Jim Leeesque. With the delay in production, it more than likely means we will have to wait to see the first offical look at the suit. However, since they have the suit in photo form what harm would there be in just dropping it now? A fan can dream can’t he? For the latest on all things Batman Vs. Superman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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Source : Fatman On Batman