Kevin Feige Talks HAWKEYE, DOCTOR STRANGE, And More


hawkeyeNow that Thor: The Dark World is out in the U.S., the final few interview with the cast and crew are hitting the web. Kevin Feige will go back into the Marvel Studios cave now and work hard until he can come out again when Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits. The other day Crave Online got the chance to speak with the Marvel Studios head honcho about Thor and some of the future developments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before he goes back into seclusion. Feige says we can expect to see more Hawkeye, Doctor Strange will bring some new ideas into the Marvel U, and there may still be a chance for The Runaways.

Jeremy Renner has been pretty vocal that he wasn’t a fan of what happened to Hawkeye in The Avengers. Renner signed up to play Clint Barton, but besides a short cameo in the first Thor film and the last 20 minutes or so in The Avengers, he played a mindless zombie for the most part. Unless Marvel pulls off a big surprise and inserts Renner into one of their upcoming films, we won’t see the archer again until The Age of Ultron. Feige says that Hawkeyedefinitely plays a very large part in Age of Ultron. So that’ll be the next place to further evolve the Hawkeye character.” Could part of the character’s evolution see him dealing with Loki‘s mind control in a similar fashion to Selvig in The Dark World? Feige tells us not to expect to see Hawkeye running around in his undies:

Well, I think we saw that in The Avengers already. We saw the scene where he is with Widow, and he’s coming out of that, and he’s dealing with the repercussions of that. That was sort of it for Hawkeye. Selvig was held in that Loki trance a little bit longer and only popped out at the very, very end, so I think his repercussions [are more significant]. And also, Hawkeye is a field operative of SHIELD. Selvig is a university professor. [Laughs] So they deal with it in different ways.

doctor strangeOne thing the Thor films, and the aforementioned Dr. Selvig, have proven is that Marvel flicks are very science based. The Asgardians aren’t necessarily gods, they’re just people with really advanced technology. When asked if everything would be science based, ruling out the existence of magic, Feige said not to write magic off so fast:

Well, I think as we get into the supernatural and Dr. Strange and things like that, there’s always other explanations for things. We’re very interested in that, as we were in Thor, to say, “Well, it might look like look like magic to you, but that’s technology to them.” There could be equal explanatory layers to any of the things that we put onto film from any of our comics, just because that’s interesting. Some days maybe the answer is, “No, you could look a million different ways, the answer is it’s magic.” Some characters will buy that, some characters won’t. That’s part of the interesting thing about this diverse universe we’re creating in the movies.

Feige was also asked about the possibility of The Runaways movie getting made. Drew Pearce had finished a draft of the script and Marvel was going to start production of the movie until The Avengers came along. When asked if that film would have to be completely rewritten to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is now, Feige uses Ant-Man as an example of how that’s not the case:

No, and Ant-Man’s the best example of that, because Ant-Man… you know Edgar [Wright] had the first pitch and the first drafts for that movie long before the MCU even existed. While there is some rewriting that is necessary to bring it into and acknowledge the universe that he inhabits, it’s the exact same story that he initially pitched.

We had a great Runaways script and a great Runaways story, which is why we ended up hiring Drew Pearce to do Iron Man 3, but we have so much else on the docket that there’s not a slot of time for that right now.

While on the subject of Ant-Man, the Marvel head honcho also confirmed that Eric O’Grady will not be the Ant-Man in Edgar Wright‘s film. Feige had a lot more to say about the cinematic universe and some things that will spoil The Dark World for you if you’ve not got the chance to see it yet. If you want to read the interview in its entirety, click the source link below. So Doctor Strange may start to break the rules of what we think we know about the movie universe and Hawkeye will get his fair share of action in Age of Ultron. What do you think about Feige‘s comments?

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Source : CraveOnline