Kevin Feige Says AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Needs To Take Up 23 And A Half Hours Of Joss Whedon’s Day


avengers age of ultron bannerJust because all of us in the states are getting ready to head out to the late night premiere of Thor: The Dark World, that doesn’t mean the Marvel news is waiting. Big things are going on in the Marvel Universe lately. Just this morning we heard that Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones will be getting their own shows on Netflix. On the movie side of things, Phase 2 is now well and truly in swing with Thor becoming the next stepping stone on the way to Avengers: Age of Ultron. All the pieces are in place and Joss Whedon is hard at work on finishing up the script. Kevin Feige recently talked about Whedon‘s role as the Marvel godfather as well as giving us his obligatory update on Ant-Man.

whedonTalking to Moviefone about Thor and the future of the cinematic universe, Feige was asked what Joss Whedon‘s place in the workings of Phase 2 was. He’s talked about it a few times before but now Feige explains how Whedon‘s first priority is Age of Ultron. The Marvel Studios head honcho even says it should take up 23 and a half hours of the scribe’s day. He’s joking…I think:

His day job is “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And that needs to take up 23 and a half of his 24 hours a day, because it’s coming up fast. But that said, leading up to the script, and leading up to what we wanted to do with “Avengers 2,” we kept him in the loop on what we were doing; he read the drafts, saw the early cuts, and in some instances gave some lines of dialogue for some sequences. Everything we’re doing has ramifications for his film, so keeping him in the loop for those things in smart, and if we can get that Joss Whedon wisdom peppered throughout the other films, we’ll take it.

I guess they’re going to get all they can out of Whedon since his contract runs all the way through 2015. What happens after that is up in the air though. Feige was asked if Marvel is already trying to get Whedon to stay on for Phase 3 or even longer. He says that’s too far in the future to really think about, saying “Well, that’s a long, long way off, but we’ll have to see. It’s certainly all about Phase 2 right now. That being said, Edgar is in the office now starting “Ant-Man” and Joss has connected with Edgar as well.

While on the subject of Ant-Man, Feige gave his obligatory update on how far along Edgar Wright is. Feige teased on a few occasions that we may even hear some casting news by the end of the year, and he reiterates that, saying “Ant-Man” is officially in pre-production, as I think Edgar tweeted a few weeks ago. He comes to the Marvel offices every day. He and Joe Cornish are doing tweaks to the draft, and they’re going to start casting soon, with production starting in the middle of 2014.

You can read the entire interview with Feige by clicking here. He talks about Thor and his dream Marvel ride at EPCOT. So there are your quick updates on what’s coming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I can only imagine Whedon is tied to a desk somewhere while Feige yells “Type faster! Type faster!” The scribe said he was close to finishing the script a few weeks ago, so hopefully he gets unchained soon. What do you think about Feige‘s comments?

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Source : Moviefone