Kevin Feige On When His Contract With Marvel Studios Is Up


feigeCollider revealed the next part of their new interview with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tonight. They ask one of the more interesting questions that Feige has gotten in the media blitz surrounding Iron Man 3. The talk of the movie world has been whether or not Robert Downey Jr. would re-negotiate his contract to appear in more films, or if Iron Man 3 is really the end for Tony Stark (as we know him at least). One thing no one has really thought about is Kevin Feige‘s contract. Feige has overseen almost every Marvel related film since 2000’s X-Men and of course has steered Marvel Studios into the juggernaut they’ve become since forming their own movie studio. It’s hard to imagine a superhero movie without Feige‘s hands on it. Collider asked Marvel‘s Mastermind if his tenure should be on fans’ minds.

When Collider asked when Feige‘s contract with Marvel Studios is up, he commented that it was the first time anyone had ever asked him that question. He stated that his negotiations aren’t as exciting as Mr. Downey‘s, but he’s signed on for a while longer-  “I’m here for a while, certainly through Phase Two.” Things get a little more vague when he’s asked where he sees himself in five years:

I don’t know, the truth of the matter is, I always sort of set a goal or set a horizon line and look towards that. Then say, “Once I get to that horizon line I will see where we stand.” For a long time it was X-Men 2 and then for a long time it was Iron Man and Incredible Hulk – are we going to be a studio by then or not? Is it going to work or is it not? Then it was Avengers, now it’s Avengers 2. So, two years after that, three years after that, I can’t even begin to guess.

While fans shouldn’t see this as the beginning of the end for Feige, it is a valid question. Since Disney bought Marvel, and with the unprecedented success Feige has steered the Phase One (and now the Phase Two) ship into, rumors have been circulating that Disney may try to find a spot for him at their own table. That’s not a job you’d pass on without thinking it over for a while. Regardless of long-running rumors and speculation, here’s to hoping Feige is guiding Marvel for years to come. What do you think? Could you imagine Marvel without Feige?

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Source : Collider