Kevin Feige On MARVEL’s Genre Busting Films And The Chances Of Getting X-MEN Or SPIDER-MAN Back


marvel bannerI think we know the drill by now: Kevin Feige has been talking about some things coming up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while out and about doing press for Thor: The Dark World. We’ve heard the Marvel Studios head honcho talking about everything from Captain America to the Black Panther. Today Feige spoke with Indie Wire about Marvel‘s new direction with Phase 2 and what the chances are that their success could result in some of their wayward characters coming home to Marvel Studios.

After talking about some Thor: The Dark World things and how there could be some Thor spillover in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Feige was asked about Marvel exploring different genres with their recent films. Iron Man 3 was very much a Shane Black buddy action movie, Thor: The Dark World is a fantasy film, and the Russo Brothers are making Captain America: The Winter Soldier a 70s political/conspiracy thriller. Feige says those decisions are intentional. They’re shaking things up to keep these movies fresh:

It’s absolutely conscious. Number one, I think there are different genres within the comic books. For some reason, novels can be different things and people can accept that, but with comic books, it’s as if it’s its own genre, when it’s not. I just binge-watched “The Walking Dead,” which is a great show, based on a comic, which has as much in common with “Iron Man” as “A Christmas Carol” does. Totally different things, both originating from comics. You haven’t asked this question, and I’m getting it less and less, which is a good thing, but for many, many, many years, going back to the first time anyone cared what the hell I had to say, ten years ago, people would say, “How much longer is this comic book fad going to last?” And my answer always was as long as they’re different, as long as we keep surprising people, as long as they don’t become redundant, it could last for a long time. And the key for them not feeling redundant is taking chances, exploring the diversity among the characters, which is why the Phase Two movies are as you’ve laid out.

ant-manSpringing off of that, he teased Edgar Wright‘s Ant-Man and how, if you were to put it in a genre box, was more a heist movie that your usual Wright comedic affairs:

I’ll say this only because I think Edgar has said this before in the press: I don’t think it’s fair to say that “Ant-Man” will be any more or less comedic than our other movies. One of the great compliments we’ve gotten from the screening last night is how funny ‘Dark World’ is. But “Ant-Man” is a heist movie, we haven’t done that before. And to Edgar’s credit, that’s what he started doing eight years ago. So it’s not like, “Oh, we need a new genre, because that’s what we’re doing now,” that’s what it’s always been planned to be.

Wright is already working on the film in Los Angeles, and we’ve heard Feige say we can expect some casting announcements before the end of the year. We know how the other films explore different genres, but it will be interesting to get some Ant-Man news and see how it holds up to Feige‘s previous comments.

avengers x-menTalking about other potential future plans, Feige was asked if he thought Marvel Studios would ever reclaim characters held by Fox and Sony, like the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man. Feige got his start in the film business with the first X-Men film, so it does hold a special importance to him:

Well, I’ve gotten into the habit of saying never say never, because when I was starting with Lauren [Shuler Donner, producer] on the first “X-Men” movie, if you’d said “You’ll do “The Avengers” someday,’ I would not have believed you. But the contracts are such that as long as they keep making those movies, they can keep making those movies. So I don’t see that changing any time soon

Anything’s possible, but as long as they keep making the movies, and the movies keep doing well, I don’t know what offer they could accept.

So Feige doesn’t see it happening anytime soon. He keeps saying Marvel has an “embarrassment of riches” right now so they don’t really need the X-Men or Spider-Man right now. He’s also said that he knows it would be cool to see as a fan, so that’s good to hear at least. Maybe one day, when Phase 57 rolls around, we can see old man Hugh Jackman get that fight with Iron Man he’s always wanted. What do you think about Feige‘s comments?

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Source : Indiewire.Com