Kevin Feige On Main Character Deaths And AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


feigeWith Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s U.S. release quickly approaching, fans are excited to see what happens in that film but they’re also starting to look ahead to what comes next. One of those films coming up next is the highly-anticipated sequel to The Avengers. Director Joss Whedon is currently hard at work filming Avengers: Age of Ultron in South Korea right now, but Marvel Studios President and Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige is here in the states teasing some of the things that will happen in that movie. Speaking with JoBlo during the Winter Soldier press junket, Feige tackled questions like the possibility of characters dying and what happens with Cap next.

Death doesn’t mean much in the comics, and with the re-emergence of characters like Coulson and Bucky Barnes in the movies, it doesn’t look like it means much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When asked if they would ever consider killing off a main movie character, Feige said it is a possibility. He told the site “Sure. But you want to do it in a way that can stick. The comics are famous for this, Bucky being a good example of people that go away and are coming back. I think anything is on the table as you make more and more of these movies.

Joss-Whedon-EventA main character death seems like a real possibility in a Joss Whedon movie, considering the reputation the man has due to his numerous smash-hit and gut-wrenching TV shows. That’s something I’m sure Feige and Whedon have discussed at length. Speaking of the collaboration process, Feige says Whedon is still a great collaborator who hasn’t been throwing around the fact he directed a billion dollar movie to get his way:

It really is both. The only way we can work is with a very, very intense collaboration. And I think Joss was aware of that when he signed up for us the first time. It’s still the case this time. But to his credit, he hasn’t said, I directed the third highest grossing movie of all time, I don’t need anybody. He is very, very collaborative and he is also very, very, very good. Just like the Russo’s and like James Gunn right now on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. We are very lucky to work with people that are so collaborative with us and can elevate our initial idea. Even to elevate something in the way that we weren’t expecting. That’s their job and the best of them are able to do that very, very well. There are things that Joss is doing in AGE OF ULTRON that will be amongst the best elements that we’ve ever brought to the screen.

Part of the fun of Age Of Ultron, according to Feige, is seeing characters like Hulk and Hawkeye. We haven’t seen either of those guys in any of the Phase 2 films, but Feige assures fans that it will rectified because “They have very big parts in Age of Ultron.” While those two heroes will have incredibly meaty roles in the film, Feige teasing an interesting development with Captain America. When asked what happens after The Winter Soldier, Feige teased:

I don’t want to give too much away but it is very much a continuation of this story line and sort of going back into THE AVENGERS fold. Steve is now torn between is he just a soldier? You know there is a scene in WINTER SOLDIER where Anthony Mackie asks, “Well what would you want to do if you are not a soldier anymore?” and part of his journey in THE AVENGERS is to answer that question.

You can read everything Feige had to say by clicking the source link below. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is going to set what comes next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next in a massive, massive way that I think a lot of people won’t expect. It will be interesting to see just what roles Hulk and Hawkeye play in things though. What do you think about Feige‘s comments? Do you think they’ll ever kill a main character?

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Source : JoBlo