Kevin Feige Explains The THOR: THE DARK WORLD ‘Rewrites’ From Joss Whedon


whedon bannerThere’s been a lot of talk about Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor‘s comments that Marvel godfather Joss Whedon was airlifted in to fix a few problems with scenes that weren’t quite working correctly. The director sounded happy to have Whedon involved, but in recent weeks he has backtracked the importance of Whedon‘s involvement. Well know Kevin Feige has revealed that true nature of Whedon‘s involvement and how it was truly just two scenes he dabbled with.

thor posterSpeaking with Movies.Com, Feige was asked exactly what Whedon did for the film. The Marvel Studios head honcho revealed Whedon‘s work was no more or no less than what he’s done for the other Phase 2 films so far:

Some of Alan’s comments were taken out of context a bit. Joss [Whedon] is focused one hundred percent — and has been for the better part of the year — on Avengers: Age of Ultron. That being the case, we’ve been keeping him in the loop on all of the “Phase 2” movies leading up to it, primarily so he can know where all the characters stand when Avengers 2 begins. That being said, thankfully, he is giving us his thoughts on… whether it’s early drafts of the movies or early cuts of the movies, and we’re squeezing every good idea we can get out of the time he’s not working on Avengers.

In the case of Thor: The Dark World, it wasn’t any more or less than it’s been on any of the other films. There were a few lines of dialogue here and there — I think in that Loki/Odin scene that we were talking about. [Also] in the scene between Thor and Loki on the Skiff going through Svartalfheim when they’re talking about their relationship. Joss helped out [on those scenes], they made it into the movie and are better for it.

Feige went on to talk about one of the additional scenes that was filmed a few months ago after the rest of the film’s principal photography had wrapped. It was a Loki-centric scene that Tom Hiddleston had come up with, but it wasn’t until Feige saw it in the Thor prequel comic that he thought it was a fantastic idea:

I will tell you it was a combination of things. The scene with Loki in chains being lead towards Odin at the beginning of the movie was one of the additional photography scenes, and it actually came about for a couple of reasons. I was reading the tie-in comic and they had that scene in it. I get all the comics when they’re published — I flip through some of them, and I was flipping through that one and I went, ‘Holy crap — this has got to be in the movie!’ It’s slightly different in the comic than it is in the movie, but I thought this has to be in the movie. So I called Tom [Hiddleston] and we talked about his availability, and we said we were gonna do this scene. So he goes, ‘Remember, I pitched you that scene. Months ago!’ Well, I did not remember, but I believed him, and I’m happy for him to take credit for it because he does an amazing job in the movie.

There you go. Taylor has been pretty crotchety about a lot of things regarding The Dark World, but Feige says Whedon‘s work wasn’t as big as the internet thought it was. The film is getting pretty solid reviews, so while Taylor might not have been happy with a lot of things audiences seem to like it all. We’re one week away from it hitting US theaters so we can all judge for ourselves shortly. What do you think about Feige‘s comments?

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