Kevin Feige And Alan Taylor Talk THOR: THE DARK WORLD’s Surprise Cameo And Who Else Was Considered


loki bannerIf the title didn’t tell you, there are going to be spoilers in this article about a great big surprise cameo from Thor: The Dark World. No, we’re not talking about the mid-credits scene either. I’ll give you a little more space to decide whether you want to continue on or not, so meet me at the next paragraph if you’re game.

Kevin Fiege and director Alan Taylor spoke with IGN in a spoiler filled interview about the movie. They covered some things we’ve heard before, but they did reveal some really interesting facts about the scene that shows Loki shape shifting into Captain America after being released from his cell. Feige and Taylor talk about the scene and who else was considered to be the Avenger for Loki‘s little trick. You can watch it at the 3:30 mark, but here’s the transcription:

Feige: I wouldn’t call it a spur of the moment thing, but we wanted to see more of Loki’s playfulness. We wanted to see more of his, sort of, instantly screwing with Thor the minute he was let out of the dungeon.
Taylor: And also the sheer exuberance of being out of the dungeon. Here’s a guy that has so much energy and he’s been pinned in. Just sort of see him be him.
Feige: And remind the audience of his illusion powers which we had seen a little bit in his cell. Going back to the original mythology, he’s a shape shifter and we wanted to remind the audience of that in a fun way. We were very lucky that Chris Evans agreed to do it. He was shooting The Winter Soldier literally down the street at the time. He came by and did that for us.

They kept rolling on with that train of thought, but I wanted to break it up so you can understand how cool this next part is. There’s going to be something very special on the Blu-ray for all you Hiddlestoners out there. I admit this part made me let out a little squee too:

Taylor: The fun thing about the process, Tom played that moment in the Captain America uniform and sort of did a performance imitating Chris Evan’s performance of Captain America so then Chris could then come in and imitate Tom’s imitation of his character.
[so somewhere there is footage of Tom Hiddleston in the Captain America uniform?]
Feige: There is and if people buy a Blu-ray that may be coming out in the next few months, they may be able to see it.

When asked if it was always going to be Captain America in the film, Taylor said there was a brief discussion about Loki changing into Hulk but they thought that might be a little too much.It would have been interesting, but I don’t think you could top what actually happened. The Captain America scene was one of the film’s funnest moments and made for a heck of a surprise. While that was amazing, the possibility of seeing Tom Hiddleston as Loki wearing the Captain America suit is mindbogglingly awesome. Feige has put it out there now so hopefully we really do see that when the Blu-ray roles around. You can watch the full video below to hear the spoiler talk if you wish. What did you think about the Cap cameo?

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Source : IGN