Kevin Costner Talks About Entering The Superman World With Man Of Steel


pa kentWe’ve not seen more than a few clips in some of the Man of Steel trailers of Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, but fans are already buzzing about his portrayal. Some were thrown off when Pa Kent told Clark maybe he should have let the kids on the school bus plummeting into the river die but he made the same dissenters’ eyes a little misty when he told Clark he didn’t have to pretend to be his son, he WAS his son. The actor recently spoke to Home Business Magazine about his body of work and love of westerns, but he did touch on Man of Steel a little.

The one question everyone that is involved with a comic book movie gets asked is whether or not they were a big fan of whatever comic property they’re bringing to life. Costner was asked the obligatory question. His response:

No, I didn’t do that. But listen, I didn’t collect baseball cards either, and I’ve made three baseball movies. So I didn’t come to this with like, “Ooh I want to be in a Superman movie.” I thought I never would be in a Superman movie.

ma and pa kentFair enough Mr. Costner. You’re a good actor so you get a pass on that one. I’d say it’s a safe bet he went back and read a little of the source material as he was preparing for the role though. Speaking of preparation, some actors take to the internet to see what fans are saying about them when casting announcements are made and footage of their character is shown. Costner was asked if he ever checks the blogs to see what the Superman fans are saying about the new film:

No, because you can be so happy with five of them and then have your day devastated with one. It’s like in life, sometimes we worry about the things that you know that matter the least and don’t focus on the things that matter the most. And you know when you start searching for your name, you might be thrilled with what a lot of people say and it just takes one person. And it can hurt your feelings, but I have been aware of the fan bases and stuff like that and realize how deeply involved they are. In fact, I am creating material for those kinds of fans myself right now currently.

He may not be reading about it, but most of the buzz is pretty positive for Pa Kent and Man of Steel as a whole. When asked if he had a hero he looked up to when he was growing up, for example like how many kids look up to Superman, Costner gave the most Pa Kent answer I’ve ever seen:

I don’t know. I don’t think I identified with one. But I understood very clearly when a heroic moment was taking place, and I was thrilled with it. And you know, you go from a moment of being thrilled by watching someone save someone and then you take that pause and go, “I wonder if I could have done that? I wonder if I will do that when I grow up to be a man?” But one thing you know is, you think, “I hope that I’m that person.”

That sounds like a piece of advice he’d pass down to young Clark as he was trying to raise him up right and trying to make him the good man he knows he can be. You can read the rest of the interview where Costner states he never heard of the Superman curse and explains his love of westerns by clicking here. What do you think of the actor’s comments? Have you been impressed with the Jonathan Kent stuff we’ve seen so far?

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Source : Home Business Magazine