Kevin Conroy IS Involved With Batman: Arkham Origins After All


conroy batman bannerA lot of fans were absolutely gutted when we heard last month that Kevin Conroy, the definitive voice of Batman, would not be involved with the new Arkham video game. NAG Magazine broke the news that WB Games Montreal wanted to go with a younger actor since this is Batman during his early years. It turns out they were just flat out wrong.

Conroy appeared at Dallas Comic-Con this weekend and announced during his panel that he was indeed working on the “next Arkham game” and that he had been doing so for the past “nine or ten months.” Because he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, he couldn’t talk about the game in detail. Roughly the first 5 minutes of the video for the full panel deals with voice acting for video games.

Conroy doesn’t call it Arkham Origins, but the time he’s been working would suggest that’s what he is referring to. Now there is a chance he’s talking about Rocksteady‘s game. They passed on doing the next Arkham to work on a different original Batman game. Conroy could be doing that and not Arkham, then again he could be doing both and has been recording nonstop. We don’t know, but it’s worth keeping in mind. You can watch the full panel, moderated by Batman and Psychology author Dr. Travis Langely, below. What do you think about Conroy doing Origins? Are you happy to hear the first story was wrong?

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