Kelsey Grammer On Being The Bad Guy In Transformers 4


grammerTransformers 4 has had a lot going on the past few weeks. Transformers: Age of Extinction was revealed as the official title, a teaser poster was released, and the Dinobots were finally confirmed as appearing in the first installment of a new trilogy from director Michael Bay. While the Decepticons and some other bad bots will be the film’s major baddies, Kelsey Grammer will be the human antagonist. The actor recently spoke with the folks at Empire about the role and what type of villain he will be.

Grammer is an accomplished actor of stage and screen, but he’ll be doing something a lot different than what he’s used to with Michael Bay. While Grammer can play villainous and menacing, doing that for Bay is an entirely different ballgame. If you’ve seen any of the director’s movies, you know how it goes. The actor was asked to describe his character:

Malevolent. He’s a no-nonsense guy. He’s lived his life in the shadows for 30 years in the service of his country, and he likes to be unremarkable yet very efficient.

It sounds like Grammer may be a government bureaucrat or something in that vein. Details on a lot of characters in T4 is being kept pretty tight, so we can only speculate. Grammer was also asked what his most famous role, Dr. Frasier Crane, would think of Transformers, working with Michael Bay, and the whole Bayhem phenomenon. I don’t have to explain what that question was getting at with its compare/contrast nature, but here is Grammer‘s response:

I don’t know if Michael has seen Frasier. He’s been very respectful and funny. He’s a terrific guy and quite a filmmaker. He just said to me the other day, ‘You’re Kelsey Grammer – you can do whatever you want to do.’ So I guess he at least has some acquaintance with my work

I think he might find it offensive in some ways, but there was always a bit of Frasier that wasn’t completely a snob. He always liked blowing up things, too, if he could! When he would discover his inner child, he would revel in it, and I think Transformers is one of those things.

Tranformers: Age of Extinction will hit theaters June 27, 2014. It also stars Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, T.J. Miller, and Bingbing Li among others. What do you think about the hints Grammer dropped regarding his villainous role?

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Source : Empire