Kelsey Grammer Hopes His DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Cameo Leads To Another Outing As Beast


To say X-Men: The Last Stand was a divisive movie among X-fans is an understatement. The Brett Ratner directed flick was chock-full of action, but the adaptation of the Phoenix Saga left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. One thing fans seemed to like about the film was the casting of Kelsey Grammer as Hank McCoy, better known as Beast. Grammer brought something to the role of the good doctor that harkened back to the animated series, which pleased many. That’s why it was a big surprise that he wasn’t among the returning cast members when Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer revealed who all would be returning. Like a few of his other old X-pals, Grammer actually ended up returning for a short cameo at the end of the film. The actor recently spoke with Collider about that short scene and how he hopes that’s not the last we see of him unleashing his Beast.

When asked about how the cameo came about, the actor revealed he was actually the one that pushed for it after Hugh Jackman mentioned the old cast returning to him in passing. It sounds like Grammer loves the role so much he took it upon himself to make sure he was back for that big finale that fixed some mistakes to the timeline from the other flicks:

Actually I called Bryan.  I bumped into Hugh Jackman and he said, ‘Oh you’re gonna be in another X-Men, mate!’ and I said, ‘No I’m not, I don’t know anything about it.’  So I made a couple of inquiries, got a hold of the script, found out that it’s primarily dealing with the past and that timeline I don’t have a place in, but I saw that at the end there was this coda where he made an appearance.  I said, ‘Listen, I really wanna be involved,’ so Bryan arranged for it and I had a lovely time.

When Frosty mentioned that he loved Grammer‘s cameo, the actor added that he hopes the X-Men writers and directors can find a way to work his Beast back into the story. He said, “I hope to do another. I hope they find some way to come up with a new story that involves Beast in my timeline.” With Apocalypse taking place in the 1980s, it seems unlikely that Grammer would be back so soon. With a lot more X-Men films in various stages of development, there is a chance he could return in a few years.

It’s always nice to hear an actor take the initiative and actually wants to come back to a role like this, especially when it involves so many hours in the make-up chair. Grammer was only on screen a few seconds and said a few words, but he had to go through all the make-up process to turn into the blue one. Grammer made it happen once, so hopefully he can twist a few more arms and secure a larger role. What do you think? Do you want to see more of Grammer‘s Beast?

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Source : Collider