Keith Giffen Talks DC Universe Vs. The Masters Of The Universe


he-man bannerEarlier this month is was announced that Keith Giffen‘s hit He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series would have a big six-issue crossover with the heroes of the DC Universe. Giffen and artist Dexter Soy will be taking Skeletor, He-Man, and the Master of the Universe to the DC Universe to engage in battles of epic proportions against the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and many others. The comic book scribe recently spoke with CBR about the series and let us know a little bit about the universe in which the story is set.

he-manGiffen says that he basically has free reign with what he can do. DC stressed to him that this story IS NOT in continuity as far as DC was concerned, though the jury is still out on whether this will be He-Man continuity. Giffen comments on how the story came about and how he was told he could kill, make fun of, and mess with any characters he wants:

I guess Mattel wanted to do it and DC figured it wasn’t going to set it within continuity so they approved it. It’s funny because when the West Coast office called me about a He-Man/New 52 crossover, I said, “Get on the horn to DC Comics and give me a list of thou shall nots.” And they called back and said, “Anything goes. Do whatever you want.” And I said, “Well, call them back and remind them that it’s me.” And they said, [Whispers] “We’ll get back to you.”

And when I talked to [DC Comics co-publisher Dan] DiDio, he said, “I don’t care if you cut off Wonder Woman’s head. It’s not in continuity.” And I said, “Yes.” Because I wanted to know how much I could push DC because I wanted to have this very specific scene. I wanted a scene with He-Man and Teela and while He-Man and Batman are talking, Teela is wandering around looking at the glass cases full of Robin suits and at one point she walks up to He-Man and says, “Yeah, we have to get out of here. I think he kills kids.” [Laughs] And I was told: “Sure. Put it in.”

I don’t think he’ll decapitate Wonder Woman in the story, but I guess he can if he wants to do it. Continuing with his continuity comments, Giffen raises a pretty controversial idea that it sounds like he may just pull off in the six-issue miniseries:

Maybe Mattel will says it’s part of canon. But again, for DC, it’s definitely out of continuity. I’ve been told that point blank. And I’m kind of glad. I’m not arrogant to think: “Now I get to do Batman right.” Because I hate Batman and he wouldn’t be right for me unless he killed somebody…This is: “Wouldn’t if be cool if…” It’s the closest thing we’ll have to an Elseworlds tale.

So you can think of this as a giant Elseworlds story. That may blunt some of the outrage it sounds like Giffen is kicking up. As far as the story itself, Giffen says Skeletor is brought to earth. While ol’ bone face will be the primary villain of the story, there’s somebody behind the scenes who is responsible for him showing up on earth and causing all this trouble. You can read the rest of the chat with Giffen by clicking here. What do you think about the writer’s comments? Are you ready to dive into the deep end with The DC Universe Vs. The Masters of the Universe?

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Source : CBR