Keep Beating That Dead Horse: Jaimie Alexander Asked About Wonder Woman Again


jaimie alexander wonder womanJaimie Alexander sent the internet into a tizzy when she revealed she had spoken to Warner Bros. about a possible role in Batman VS. Superman and that she knew a few plot points regarding Ben Affleck‘s Batman. Many people automatically assumed the actress was talking about being in talks for Wonder Woman since she has been very vocal about her love of the character and how she wishes a movie could get made starring the Amazonian warrior soon. Ever since her comments at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Alexander has been backtracking and downright dodging questions about her comments. The only thing she will say is that she loves Wonder Woman and is a huge fan of the comics. The actress appeared on The Tonight Show last night and was asked the magical question once again.

Alexander dodges the question, but her reaction when Jay Leno springs it on her is something new. She rolls out the same comments about the character in general while dancing around the question the entire time. Alexander isn’t going to say anything about the role for a variety of reasons. Some possibilities: It’s not really Wonder Woman and is instead the Bruce Wayne love interest we’ve heard about, she can’t do it because of her Marvel role and is a little crushed she can’t take up the gauntlets, or she really is in talks and doesn’t want to ruin it. Whatever the reason may be, Alexander isn’t going to say anything other than what she’s already said a hundred times before. Keep asking, but don’t act shocked when she says the same thing. What do you think? Is there some fire to all this smoke? Do you want Alexander to be both Lady Sif and Wonder Woman?


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Source : The Tonight Show