Katee Sackhoff Wanted To Be Harley Quinn, But She May Have To Settle For A Marvel Hero


sackhoff bannerYou may remember a few weeks ago Katee Sackhoff mentioned that she would sell her first born if it meant she could play Harley Quinn in a DC movie. If you missed that, click here to catch up. While she may still be looking into the kid swap to get the role, she may have to settle for a role in a Marvel film. The actress recently appeared on the Schmoes Know Movies Podcast to talk about Riddick and some of her other projects. While on the show, the actress hinted that she has been having some talks with Marvel.

Sackhoff has responded many times to fans on Twitter who have said she should play Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers in a Marvel movie by saying she would definitely be interested in doing that. When asked by the Schmoes if she really was interested in the part, the actress dropped an interesting little tease. After asking the hosts what studio that would be with (Disney/Marvel Studios), Sackhoff replied (via SMN):

There’s been some stuff going on. A lot of checking of availability for the first quarter of next year.

She wouldn’t say anything about Captain Marvel specifically, but the recent news from Louis D’Esposito that Marvel was talking about working on a female superhero makes it seem Sackhoff could possibly be their gal. While it could be any female character (super or otherwise), it seems the actress has had a few serious chats with the Marvel folks. What do you think? Do you hope Sackhoff takes on a Marvel role? Do you hope it’s Captain Marvel or is she better suited for another character?

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Source : Schmoes Know via SuperHeroMovieNews