Kapow Comics Rundown: Before Watchmen, Charles Xavier, DC 52 To Change A Character’s Sexual Orientation


The London comic and movie convention Kapow wrapped up today, and several interesting bits of comic book news have been dropped. All the big stories from DC and Marvel have been conveniently compiled together for your reading pleasure. Some news about Before Watchmen, the return of Charles Xavier, and the most controversial of all- DC’s decision to reintroduce a character in the new 52 and switching their sexual orientation.

Before Watchmen:
Say what you will about DC’s decision to make a prequel to Watchmen, but you can’t deny they have pulled some of the industry’s top talents together to make an attempt at changing thousands of rapid fanboy and girls minds about touching Alan Moore’s masterpiece. DC’s Dan DiDio described it as a “love letter” to Moore’s creation, which is highly debatable but they have managed to pull in great artists and writers. Add to that list the legendary artist Steranko. DC co-publisher DiDio announced that the living legend will draw the first Rorschach variant cover. DiDio said “To say that we’re excited would be an understatement, to say that we’re nervous would also be an understatement, but we’re gonna let the work speak for itself.” Steranko is known for his ground-breaking art on books, most notably Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD. He mixed elements of surrealism and collage, and changed and influenced the look of comics forever. He created one of the greatest comic book covers ever with the Nick Fury cover you see on the side there.

Also coming out of that Before Watchmen panel was news that the Watchmen villain Moloch could get his own spin-off book. DiDio stated that “Moloch is such a strong character, you wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in his own book at some time.” You may remember that he played a part as a pawn in Ozymandias’ plan. He seems like an odd choice, since he was only featured in a few pages. It really makes you wonder how much DC plans to do after Before Watchmen with the Watchmen world.

Charles Xavier:
Marvel had an Avengers Vs X-Men panel where they revealed some pages from the sixth book. This wraps up the art duties of John Romita Jr. on the story, which couldn’t come sooner if you ask me. As you can see from the pages revealed from Kieron Gillen, CB Cebulski and Joe Quesada, a certain Charles Xavier appears to return. What he will do remains to be seen. You can also see another clash between the assembled forces of The Avengers and X-Men is on the way.


DC 52 :
One more bit before the controversial one, but Dan DiDio either got stumped by a person’s question or we just found out part of a storyline for Wonder Woman either in her own book or part of DC’s planned big event The Trinity War. Here’s the full description from BleedingCool’s Stephen Lacey:

But the most interesting moment came from the final question of the session. A fan asked about Wonder Woman in comparison with Superman as the social crusader and Batman as a Robin hood figure. Wonder Woman is royalty, and he asked if DiDio could see a situation where she would decide that her place is amongst the rulers of the earth, which would bring her into conflict with the rest of the Trinity. DiDio looked stunned at this, and was unable to answer for a little bit before attempting to bat the question to one side. He eventually told us that as the U.S. doesn’t have royalty and that it would be unlikely to happen, but he waited too long to respond and he doesn’t have Bob Wayne’s evasion skills. The general feeling from the audience was that the question had inadvertently strayed too close to plans for Wonder Woman, either in her own title, in Justice league or in the upcoming Trinity War.

And now the controversial bit- at the DC panel, someone asked about the decision not to change any character’s sexual orientation when rebooting the DC Universe. DC had said their policy would be to introduce new LGBT characters instead of switching up an existing character, but when asked why they would switch race, size, age, etc etc but not orientation DiDio stated they would indeed change that policy. The plan is to reintroduce a previously existing character who was straight to become “one of our most prominent gay characters.” Now this is a bit odd. Having LGBT characters isn’t a problem, and there are some interesting ones out there but to change an existing character’s orientation seems to be opportunistic. To make new characters with fresh stories and identities seems like the best route to take and would open up a world of possibilities, but we’ll have to see how this plays out.

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