JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR Signals Big Changes For DC Animation; Plus Teasers For What’s Next


jl warJustice League: War hits store shelves tomorrow, but we’ve already been hearing a little bit about what’s coming up next in the DC animated universe. Son of Batman will be released later this year and an Arkham movie will follow after that, but at the Justice League: War premiere this weekend in Los Angeles the cast and crew started talking about what’s coming up next and how War will set the tone for the animated world moving forward. And while nothing is set in stone right now, there were a few teasers about some of the other movies we may be seeing over the next few years.

BatmanSonThe New 52 Justice League series from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee really kicked off DC‘s new continuity, and the new movie will do the exact same thing for the animated world. We had already gathered as much from the Flashpoint Paradox movie, but now producer James Tucker solidly confirms it. He told CBRThis will definitely be the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other. Our next movie’s going to be Son of Batman, and that Batman will be the same Batman that you see in Justice League: War. Basically, we’ll have two concurrent series of Justice League movies and Batman movies, and they’ll be in continuity with each other. So it’s kind of world-building.” So while these animated movies might not be straight New 52 adaptations, they will all be based in the same world that Justice League: War created.

Tucker also confirmed that the plan is to have three animated features a year. Two would be set in the JL universe while the third will be a standalone movie that doesn’t concern itself with the new continuity. That’s why we’re getting a movie based on the video game world of Arkham later this year.

After War was shown to those in attendance in L.A. this past weekend, a Q&A panel took place that was live streamed on the web. The entire thing took about an hour, and after skimming over my notes there are a few noteworthy items. There is a big teaser scene at the end of the film that directly sets up another big Justice League movie to come. That one is confirmed as the one that gives Aquaman the spotlight. The aquatic hero caused quite the stir when it was revealed he was left out of War. This new unannounced movie will make up for and explain his absence. When asked by an audience member if future Justice League stories would feature new heroes, all Tucker would say is “Sure.” One of those is Aquaman, but it sounded like there could be more.

jl dark dark universeWhen Tucker, director Jay Olivia, and writer Heath Corson were asked what characters they would like to use in a story if they had their choices, it lead to some interesting answers. Tucker said he would absolutely love to play with Swamp Thing, Olivia wants Deadman, and Corson wants Justice League International. Later on Tucker was asked if there would be any exploration of the other Justice Leagues (JL Dark and JL America). The producer revealed that they had actually been talking about doing some form or another of Justice League Dark. He said it was a possibility, but it sound like it was pretty serious. That’s something to watch out for at least.

Two interesting stories from the cast involved Shemar Moore and Christopher Gorman. Moore, who played Cyborg, was very excited about the opportunity to play the cybernetic hero and he’s hoping he gets to play him a few more times in the upcoming films. The team had been trying to land the actor since Flashpoint and it sounded like the producers, writers, and director were more than willing to have him back. Moore also wasn’t afraid to admit he really loves the Wonder Twins. Christopher Gorman relayed an interesting story about how the fast-talking Barry Allen/Flash voice came fairly natural to him. He told a story about how his grandfather was bored on day and found an auction school online in Missouri. They went to the class just to have something to do, but they were both licensed as auctioneers. After demonstrating one of his practice phrases, Gorman said that allowed him to easily speed up his dialogue.

So Justice League: War will set off a brand new direction for the animated universe, but we’ll still get one out of continuity story a year. Aquaman will be taking on a substantial role in a movie next year and we may be getting a Justice League Dark style film. Justice League: War is a great movie, so it will be interesting to see how things are built from here on out with that as the foundation. What do you think about the animated world getting its own reboot?


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