Joss Whedon Talks The Big Bad Of Avengers 2; Comments On JJ Abrams Directing Star Wars VII


Whedon bannerThere’s been a lot of Avengers 2 talk lately. Everyone has been buzzing about Joss Whedon including the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the sequel to the billion dollar box office juggernaut. Then we were all dissecting Bryan Singer‘s announcement that he was also using Quicksilver. With those two taking the spotlight, it has been a while since we talked about the sequel’s villain possibly being Thanos. Today that gets corrected in an interview Whedon did with Empire magazine.

Empire released an excerpt of their interview with Marvel‘s Godfather that will run in their new issue out later this week. They asked the fan-favorite director how he was going to avoid the problems most sequels have when everything is focused on the villain:

Yes, that always makes me cranky. I’m very excited about the villain, and have a lot to say about him. But if you watch my shows, the one thing I’ve never been very good at is guest stars, because I’ve always been interested in the ensemble. With The Avengers, I’m still most fascinated by them.

The other thing is, you don’t try to top it. I know I will never make a moment as pleasing in a film as Hulk and Loki. You can’t chase that dragon. If you try to do exactly the same thing, the chances you’re going to do it better are very slim, and the only reason for me to devote three years to making another Avengers movie is the hope of making a better one

thanosHe didn’t reveal anything about the possibility of Thanos, but he did say “him” when referring to the villain. That’s worth something at least. And while it will be hard to top Hulk rag-dolling Loki, I think Whedon can definitely come up with another gem or two for the sequel. The director also touched on JJ Abrams helming Star Wars VII. Whedon‘s name was attached as a possible director, but his Marvel duties took him out of contention. Whedon says there was a brief moment of rue that he couldn’t do it, but he is looking forward to Abrams‘ interpretation:

There was a moment of rue that I was already committed, I’m not going to lie, because who didn’t want to do that as a kid? But I think they got the right guy so just knowing that I’m going to enjoy the film when it comes out is great. I don’t even have to do any work. Can J.J. also make Avengers…?

The newest issue of Empire hits this Thursday and there will be a lot more from Whedon. I think how involved Thanos will be in Guardians of the Galaxy will give us a good indication of whether or not he will face off against The Avengers in the sequel or not. That movies feels like it will set more things up than others in Phase Two. What do you think about his villain comments? Do you think it will be Thanos?

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Source : Empire