Joss Whedon Talks Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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whedon bannerFriday night’s edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon just finished moments ago. Joss Whedon appeared on the show to talk about his new film Much Ado About Nothing, but Fallon used the opportunity to press the fan-favorite director for some info on Avengers 2 while he was there. While Marvel‘s Godfather wouldn’t reveal too much, he did talk a little about the inclusion of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Fallon asked him some normal interview questions and discussed what it was like for  Whedon at places like Comic Con since he is nerd royalty, but he transitioned by asking the director for a scoop on Avengers 2. Whedon used the opportunity to talk about the two new characters he’ll be using instead:

There are new characters. I already said that we’re going to have a brother/sister team, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who were great mainstays of The Avengers when I was reading the comics as a kid.

Fallon admitted that he had never heard of either character. Whedon was a little surprised by that.  The host pressed on by asking if the duo had been cast yet. Whedon responded they weren’t really at that stage since he is still writing, but Fallon offered the suggestion of Selena Gomez and Channing Tatum for the Maximoff siblings. Whedon (luckily) didn’t bother responding to the casting suggestions. He did say one final thing about why he wanted to include the characters that have been grabbing a lot of headlines lately:

Well, besides the fact that I grew up reading them, their powers are very visually interesting. One of the problems I had on the first one was everybody basically had punchy powers. He’s got super speed. She can weave spells and a little telekinesis, get inside your head. There’s good stuff that they can do that will help sort of keep it fresh.

While the writer and director didn’t reveal much, he did actually address the characters by name on camera finally. The show was recorded earlier today, so Whedon had plenty of time to hear about Bryan Singer including Quicksilver in Days of Future Past. He didn’t even get close to touching on that, but if he’s still saying he’s going to use the siblings after hearing Singer‘s news it’s a pretty safe bet Marvel are sticking to their guns. Looks like we may well get two different versions of Quicksilver in as many years. What do you think about Whedon‘s comments? Do you hope he keeps Wanda and Pietro survive the Avengers 2 rewrites?


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