Joss Whedon Talks About Quicksilver And The Scarlet Witch; Comments On Iron Man’s Avengers 2 Status


quicksilver and scarlet witchJoss Whedon, superstar director of The Avengers, teased a brother/sister act he was going to include in the sequel to shake things up. Many people guessed that he was referring to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. EW confirmed it with their sources, and today Whedon himself has confirmed that the children of Magneto will be in The Avengers 2. Along with that, he commented on Tony Stark‘s role in the highly anticipated sequel. There are some spoilers for Iron Man 3 in his quote, so here’s your warning.

As we’ve said many times, both Fox and Marvel Studios hold the rights to the Maximoff children, Pietro and Wanda. Fox hasn’t used them yet, so it looks like Marvel is going to capitalize on their portion of the character rights. The origin will have to be tweaked somewhat since Marvel can’t mention Magneto or the fact they’re mutants, but with Whedon now openly talking about the characters it’s a very safe bet they’re inclusion won’t fall by the wayside in subsequent drafts of the script. IGN caught up with Whedon at the ABC Upfront where they asked about the characters:

You know, they had a rough beginning. They’re interesting to me because they sort of represent the part of the world that wouldn’t necessarily agree with The Avengers. So they’re not there to make things easier. I’m not putting any characters in the movie that will make things easier.

Whedon has said that he’s going to take a scalpel to The Avengers and really make it emotional and hard for each member of the group. The new character elements will surely add some of that emotional turmoil Whedon is going for. One of the other big questions with Avengers 2 though is what will Tony Stark‘s role be. He seemingly gave the whole hero game up at the end of Iron Man 3, but Whedon says he’s not completely retired:

Well, I feel like in Iron Man 3, even though he said, ‘I’ve changed’ — he blew up his remote suits, but I don’t think anybody thinks he doesn’t have one anymore. The question is, if The Avengers are called, does he show up? And the answer is, ‘Yes!’

So there you go. If you had any doubts about Iron Man‘s role in Avengers 2, Whedon should put your mind at ease. What do you think about Whedon‘s comments? Do you anticipate a big clash between The Avengers and the Maximoff children?

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Source : IGN