Joss Whedon And Marc Webb Discuss Studio Crossovers In The Marvel Universe


Marvel-Universe-charactersIt’s the one thing that people have asked for ever since Marvel, Fox, and Sony have made movies based on the popular characters. When will we see the likes of Captain America mixing it up with Wolverine or Spider-Man? There has been a lot of rumors and speculation on it for a while now, and it even seems as if we might have gotten close in last Summer’s The Avengers. The rumor was that Sony and Marvel Studios were on the verge of a deal that would allow for the Oscorp building to appear in the New York skyline. However, the deal fell through leaving fans disappointed. While the rumors still continue to swirl, it doesn’t seem as if we are any closer to seeing one big Marvel Universe crossover.

God Father of Marvel Studios, Joss Whedon was posed the question about whether or not he would like the task of uniting all the characters from the Marvel Universe. Including the ones that Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights too. “I mean, yeah. You give me the parameters and I work with them,” Whedon told Comic Book Resources. “I have so many actors, I have so many characters to service that it’s not like I’m like, “Well this won’t work unless I have Spider-Man and Wolverine!” I’m just making my movie. Yeah, it’s cool to think about stuff like that and if we reached an era where those studios could cooperate on that level I think that would be super dope. Whenever you see somebody crossing over to something it gives it pop. Like Murder She Wrote and Magnum P.I. great crossover. I got excited.”

One of the bigger characters that fans have wanted to see make the transition from solo film to Avengers, is Sony’s Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man (One and Two) director, Marc Webb, chimed in with his thoughts on the bringing other characters into the world he has created for Spidey. “Wolverine, Iron Man, those would be pretty fantastic. The thing is, you set up certain rules in the universe, about what people are aware of, our universe…[Fox] built a history about mutants which does not coalesce with our world. That presents a lot of difficulties and a lot of challenges that would be hard to overcome,” said Webb to Collider.

While it doesn’t look like there is a strong likely hood of any of this happening anytime soon, fans can dream. It seems as if the desire, and speculation of the Marvel Universe crossing over has heated up in recent years. Movie studios are all about making money, and a big crossover event is sure to make a lot of money, so they would be dumb not to at least entertain the idea. However, with no plans emanate looks like we will just have to keep dreaming. For the latest on all things concerning Marvel characters and their movies, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Via CBM