Joss Whedon And Kevin Feige Talk About That Guy That Shows Up In The Mid-Credits Scene


If you haven’t seen The Avengers yet, you are in the minority of people on earth considering the box office returns, but this article will have spoilers about the first credits scene in The Avengers. The final scene was a nice payoff jokey scene, but this is the one that has major implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the coming years. Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon takled with /Film about introducing The Mad Titan and who decided he should be introduced.

The scene obviously set up Avengers 2 if they hold off on using Thanos until then. Feige has said that he wanted to get “cosmic” with Marvel and this seems to sett that up nicely. When asked about whose idea it was to bring Thanos to the big screen, who came up with it, who shot it, and who put it together Feige said it was”Joss. Joss, Joss, and Joss.”

Feige said he was very accepting of this idea

I wanted to get cosmic and did with THOR and told him that we wanted it to be aliens, that a portal opens in New York and aliens poor out, because the cosmic cube opened a portal. Who they were, what they were, and how they interacted was all Joss and Joss is a huge fan of Thanos.

Whedon also had a few words about Thanos. When asked about why Thanos and why in this movie:

He for me is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain. He’s the great grand daddy of the badasses and he’s in love with death and I just think that’s so cute. For me, the greatest Avengers was THE AVENGERS annual that Jim Starlin did followed by THE THING 2 in 1 that contained the death of Adam Warlock. Those were some of the most important texts and I think underrated milestones in Marvel history and Thanos is all over that, so somebody had to be in control and had to be behind Loki’s work and I was like “It’s got to be Thanos.” And they said “Okay” and I’m like “Oh my God!”


We don’t have any word on how this will affect all the future movies post-Avengers, but Thanos will obviously be popping up sometime in the near future. According to /Film Feige hinted that Thanos wouldn’t come to true fruition until a Guardians of the Galaxy movie starts rolling. The Avengers 2 is tentatively scheduled for 2015 so we should be finding out soon enough.

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Source : /Film