Joshua Williamson Teases His New PREDATOR Miniseries From Dark Horse


Here’s some news that should make some Ridley Scott fans very happy, Dark Horse will be relaunching the entire universe of stories stemming from the classic Alien universe. The comic book publisher will be rolling out new series featuring both Aliens and Predators. Earlier this week writer Joshua Williamson teased his upcoming miniseries featuring the universe’s most dangerous hunters.

g2Williamson sat down with CBR to talk about upcoming plans for his fantastic Captain Midnight series. After touching on what’s on the horizon regarding Project Black Sky and Skyman, Williamson shared a few tidbits about his upcoming work on the Predators comic. The writer says the way it ties into the Ridley Scott universe will surprise readers. The miniseries will also tie into something much bigger that’s played out across the various titles, but his story will be able to stand on its own. Story details are scare at this time, but the writer touched on some of the ideas he’ll explore and one specific character named Galgo:

I’ve always felt like the best versions of these stories are when these forces of terror turn into “Man vs. Man.” They bring out the heroes, but also the worst in people. Even though a lot of these movies features alien monsters, they bring up very natural, primal fears inside us. One thing I’m glad that we’re doing is working on keeping the horror elements of both series.

There is a character in my series named Galgo who is right out of an old Western. A man with no honor, no code, who would shoot his best friend in the back for the right amount of money. Or, if it meant surviving. I love writing jerk characters, and Galgo’s interactions with the Predator in my series have been really interesting to explore. The Predators are killers and hunters, but they also have a code. It’s awesome seeing the two of them trying to kill each other.

g1With the relaunch of the Alien universe in comic book form, there are obvious comparisons to the very divisive film Prometheus. That prequel shed light on the Aliens and how they came into being, but the Predators are still very mysterious. Williamson touches on what this relaunch will allow the writers to do with the universe being explored:

It certainly gives new stories to tell. It gave us a new “vision” of sorts on that world and with this group of creators. A stronger voice and visual for the kind of books we wanted to do. For the “Predators” series, it didn’t shed too much light, and we didn’t want to get too far away from what works with the classic Predator films, but this allowed us to get a bit deeper with the mythology and the themes. It’s allowed us to do something very different from what people are expecting.

One of the things that was said during the meetings Dark Horse held was, “the larger the world, the smaller the story.” That has haunted me since the meetings as something I didn’t want to lose sight of. Yes, I’m telling a story about aliens, far off in space, but I still wanted to make sure that it was grounded and relatable to our readers. To make sure that it was actually about something. And so far, that’s what we’ve been able to do. My Predator story is about regret, obsession and being careful what you wish for.

Our Predator is on his last great hunt. Trying to kill the one thing it never could.

What the Predator is hunting is a mystery.

You can read the full interview about Captain Midnight by clicking the source link below. The Predator miniseries hasn’t had an artist announced just yet, but we should be hearing something soon. Dark Horse have presented a few Predator and several Alien comics over the years. A relaunch for the universe in which those two franchises are set is an exciting prospect. Williamson has done an excellent job with Captain Midnight, so it will be interesting to see what he brings to Predators. What do you think about Dark Horse‘s relaunch? Are you glad we’re getting new stories featuring two of cinema’s most deadly creatures?

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