Josh Gad Is The Latest Actor Rumored For A Role In The FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot


ben grimmHere’s a rumor that seems to come out of left field, Josh Gad is said to be the top choice for Ben Grimm aka Thing for Fox‘s Fantastic Four reboot. It’s a piece of casting that should come as a surprise to everyone. There have been a few names throw out by fans and insiders alike who would make a good Ben, but Gad has never been a part of those discussions.

Movies.Com is reporting that gad is the top choice for Josh Trank‘s reboot. Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan are said to be all put officially announced as Reed Richards and Johnny Storm, respectfully, but there have been a couple of other names mentioned for Reed (like Kit Harrington). Sue Storm is said to be down to either Saoirse Ronan or Kate Mara. Ben Grimm is the only character we have heard literally nothing about. To his credit, Gad would fit in with the age ranges of the other actors said to be ready to sign on the dotted line for the films. He’s had strong outings in the Broadway production of Book of Mormon and recent movies like Jobs and Frozen, where he played the snowman Olaf. If Thing is indeed a completely CGI character, then Gad already has the voice acting experience required. He is rebooting Gilligans Island as a movie he may star in, so he might have a full dance card.

Gad would be an odd choice, but odd seems to be the buzzword for the Fantastic Four reboot. After having both it’s filming and release dates pushed back, things are expected to begin in late February or early March. That means official casting news should be coming fairly soon. What do you think about Gad possibly being Ben Grimm?

UPDATE: Josh Trank has once again taken to Twitter to debunk a casting rumor. The director seldom uses the social media platform, but he does occasionally pop on to debunk something. We’ll have to wait and see if this is another false denial though. The comic book movie scene is getting really bad with those false denials running rampant. I’m inclined to believe him on this one. How about you?

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