Josh Brolin Talks A Little More About Batman: Says He Will Defend Affleck “Literally Until The Death”


brolinWhile we’re still waiting to hear from Ben Affleck about being cast as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, we’ve been hearing a lot from Josh Brolin on almost being the guy to take up the cowl. At the Toronto International Film Festival this week, Brolin chatted with MTV about his thoughts on Batman and how he will literally defend Ben Affleck until the death. Yes, he literally said literally. While Brolin says he never knew how close he got to actually landing the role, he knows he was up for it and had even started thinking about what he would like to get across in his portrayal. He once again defends Affleck from the internet trolls and says he will do so until the day he dies:

I don’t know. I really don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m telling you, actually, the truth.  I started thinking about it personally, like, what are they going to do with this kind of older, wiser version. I liked the idea. I thought it was a really interesting idea.

But Ben’s gotten so much flack from this, I actually got angry — for him, not at him. Everybody else was angry at him. Now I’m curious to see what he does. How are you going to bring up a movie that Ben did 10 or 15 years ago and try and [criticize his talent]? I mean, come on. The guy’s matured and grown and look at the work he’s doing now. I’m going to defend him literally until the death.

You can watch the video interview in its entirety by clicking the source link. Brolin would have been a good choice for an “older and wiser” Batman, but I’m personally very excited to see what Affleck does with the role. If he does end up directing himself in the Batman solo movie like the rumors are suggesting, that’s just icing on the cake. What do you think about Brolin’s latest Bat comments?

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Source : MTV via CosmicBookNews