Josh Brolin Is Still Really Sorry About JONAH HEX


josh brolinThere was a brief time when Green Lantern (and arguably Ghost Rider) wasn’t generally labeled the worst comic book movie in existence and made the punchline to countless jokes. One year before Green Lantern, Josh Brolin starred in the flopstastic Jonah Hex film. That was a character ripe with potential, but…yeah, it never really came together. Nobody involved escaped unscathed except one guy. Michael Fassbender has gotten so popular that people completely forget even he was there stinking it up along with Megan Fox and Brolin. Well three years on, Brolin is still really sorry about how things played out. He’d even like to make it right one day if he could.

Speaking to Total Film, Brolin revisited his days as Jonah Hex. He believes that film gets all the blame and hate it deserves. He says it was even worse behind the scenes, and director Jimmy Hayward is partly to blame. Says the actor:

I think it deserved that bashing for reasons that those critics will never know. We were almost ready to drop [the film] when this kid [Hayward] came up. He was an interesting young guy full of energy and he was obsessed with Jonah Hex. I thought, ‘This is either a really bad decision or a brilliant decision.’
Really bad… If I’m ever really rich, I’ll do that movie again. Seriously.

I’d say Josh Brolin is already very rich, but I think he means ridiculously rich. Hopefully he gets there one day. Brolin was, and would still be, an excellent choice for Jonah Hex. If things played out differently, we could well be on our second Hex film by now. You know what they say though, “if ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.” It’s nice to know that Brolin is just as displeased with things as everybody else is. Maybe in three years he’ll apologize for Oldboy. What do you think about Brolin‘s comments? Do you hope he gets a chance to redeem himself one day?

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